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"it is best to be silent and thought a fool, rather than to speak out and remove all doubt."

17 years old
El Paso
United States

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John Hurley's Interests

Hobbies: i usually bust alot of gaming, im trying to get into some paintball but it isnt cheap, i read whenever im not gaming or rp'ing
Likes: The History of Warfare, The History of Gaming, Culinary Arts, RP, Gaming, Violence
Dislikes: people who dont understand the concept of a team effort, victory comes with a united effort and not some random dumbass with dual wielded SMG's

John Hurley's RP Experiences

Role: I am more of a Player
Experience: Between 3 to 5 years
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to play in.
Types: MMORPG; Play by Post (Message Board); Video RPG Games; Other

Last Updated: June 2, 2006

More about John Hurley and some RP advice!

im not that bright, i try but sometimes i just have trouble with things...i curse alot. it was very common for me growing up in the kind of environment i did and with the kind of people i hanged around, sorry if it offends you but i just dont see anything wrong with it. ill try to tone it down but it'd be really hard to erase it from my life, nor would i really want to...i can be mean sometimes, i havent had it as easy as some people assume and its made a real asshole out of me. i feel that rather then covering things in subtleties, people should be totally honest. people should be proud of the choices they have made, i myself am alittle chubby but i am proud to say that my choices in life were based on what i wanted, NOT what other people said i should do. i enjoy food and if i truly wanted to, i could lose the weight, i just dont want it enough which is perfectly fine by me. my life, my choices. i have a deep respect for violence, it may seem less than civilized but you have to admit, alot of our greatest technological advances have been made as a result of either war or out and out competition. the jet engine for example was a result of WW2, im not saying EVERYONE should embrace violence but never undermine its importance. the second amendment is probably one of THE most important amendments in the constitution, anyone can call the cops when a gangster comes for you but who are you going to call when the COPS come for you? there are ALOT more civilians then there are soldiers and if the goverment ever decides to throw out our rights and take control, the only people you can trust are the americans all around you and the goverment has ALOT better chances of overthrowing the democracy and replacing it with a dictatorship, when your weapon of choice ISNT that fancy M-16 or that Glock 17 with extended 30 round clip, but rather that giant rock you found in your backyard. Peace comes from the Barrel of a Gun, you'll take mine from my cold dead fingers.

How Feodrich got into roleplaying:
i myself started with starcraft broodwar, i played alot of D&D then i slowly started becoming a DM in it. after that i moved to rp's, after i was into it i realised the broodwar quality was fairly low so i moved on to other things. at first i tried running some forums but i had no idea what i was doing back then so i closed them and moved on to muds, it was ok but alot of the muds were either of poor quality or the admins were complete assholes so i tried star wars galaxies. my PC went down for a looong time and by the time i was back in CU came out, then i couldnt afford to pay the bill for awhile so i didnt get back in till NGE hit and everyone left because of that update, needless to say, even the most skilled of rp'ers cannot rp with themselves (unless they are insane and hear voices in their head).

i tried warcraft after that but it just wasnt the same......too many FRIKKIN wanderers.....really screwed with my plots when i was the empire and there were no other empires to either talk to, declare war on or interact with....

been trying various games and whatnot till i came across this place, so far my experiences with rp have been really really crappy but im kinda hoping that this place is what turns all that around, im usually not optimistic but rp has been one of the better things in my life so if theres a place where i can actually get some serious rp going....i am in.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
people allways tell you to ask for help but depending on where you rp at that can be a VERY bad idea, in starcraft or warcraft especially. people are AGAINST helping out newbies and shun them entirely, i would just suggest trying to find a mentor. someone who will teach you alittle bit of the tricks and whatnot of roleplay, EVERYONE was new at one point in time but there arent as many willing teachers out there as you might think. try to be self-sufficient but accept advice when offered, even if its disguised as an insult it can turn a mediocre rp into a great one, allways look to improve your rp when you can but dont try to become godlike and dont do what everyone else does or that will make you boring and replaceable, being original and someone that people can work with makes all the difference.

and secondly, start small, easy and simple

i mean, if your the new guy no one expects you to be totally hardcore, we dont expect total in depth plots, a simple character can be used easily because they can be affected by their environment and other characters more often, it is easier to decide what you want to do

the only other thing i have to say is be original, i've been out there awhile and i have seen ALOT of ninjas and the like and while a ninja might be cool it seriously isnt as awesome when EVERYONE is doing it, you dont have to have this totally classy character with alot of research done, just do something few other people done, i myself have rp'ed as a black guy because no one else would

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