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""The Masses Are Asses""

13 years old

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Paul's Interests

Hobbies: I play guitar. I'm lead guitarist in a mind trip metal band called Opium. I have a hardcore side and a softcore side.
Likes: Not Wal-Mart
Dislikes: I forgot what this meant, somebody told me it's something that angers you completely. Well, that would have to be Harry Potter, people that talk so loud that you can hear them accross the food court at the mall, Rap, Emo, wiggers, Wal-Mart, people that

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Role: Xulion did not answer.
Experience: Xulion did not answer.
Availablity: Xulion did not answer.

Last Updated: May 25, 2004

More about Paul and some RP advice!

I like to read. My favorite book series is DragonLance. Raistlin is my favorite. Then Tasslehoff or Dalamar. I love my guitar.

Harry Potter is now very boring.

How Xulion got into roleplaying:
The first RPG game I played was FF VII I think. Then I went on from there to other FF's and stuff. I play any Blizzard Entertainment game.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
Xulion did not answer.

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