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Avenging_Angel has not earned any.
Ordo Ignis: Scholar
RK: 13
MP: 6,290

"Treat everyone you meet with dignity and respect, but always have a plan to kill them."

Undisclosed years old
Des Moines

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Shanah's Interests

Hobbies: Skinny skiing, bullfights on acid, the usual.
Likes: Books, comics, smoke in varying forms, mythology, Harry Dresden, sleep
Dislikes: Mexican food, Kingdom Hearts, whining, fake tans

Shanah's RP Experiences

Role: I am both a Player and GM
Experience: Between 6 to 10 years
Availablity: I'm not looking to join any groups right now.
Types: Collectable Card Game; MMORPG; Play By eMail; Play by Post (Message Board); Table Top/Paper & Pen; Video RPG Games

Last Updated: October 6, 2011

More about Shanah and some RP advice!

I go to class and work. On very special occasions, I even sleep. I live with the world's coolest cat, a giant cardboard duck and an antique hookah.

How Avenging_Angel got into roleplaying:
Once upon a time, long ago (Jesus christ, has it been eight years already?), in a galaxy not particularly far away, I googled "Dragonlance", and came up with a site known as the RPG Consortium.
After getting a thorough education in the school of hard knocks and even harder wet fish slaps, I finally figured out what to do, and have been RPing on and off ever since.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. But, if your friends don't dance, well... they ain't no friends of mine.

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