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"Hey Jerry you drugged a woman in order to play with her toy collection, how do you feel about that It was great, i've done it a few more times since than -Cosmo Kramer & Jerry Seinfeld"

18 years old

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Nicholas Schell's Interests

Hobbies: DMing; listening to most hard and soft rock; Slipknot, Incubus, Creed, Korn and the such; some cool trancy stuff like Prodigy and Trance [] Control, you know they rock; reading; going to DL chatroom
Likes: Dragonlance, AD&D, Rock music,, parties
Dislikes: Snubbing DL. Do it and you die!

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Last Updated: August 4, 2001

More about Nicholas Schell and some RP advice!

I'm only here for the message board which has moved around TOO many times. Heh well I go to the chat room too now eh.

Going to UC Irvine. Majoring in Chemistry and Physics.

How Nicholi got into roleplaying:
Well I played about 4 sessions as a player. Then our DM was gone and well someone had to take over. I use the world DL, moved around a bit to my liking. Usually involving campaigns that decide the future of the world. One such campaign I have yet to test, is an evil one. The players are a group highered by the someone (haven't decided fully, dragonarmy or someone else) to hunt down the companions. Then see how the War of the Lance turns out then huh. Each time a campaign ends, whether the chars are alive or dead, the new campaign usually has tendency to run into them. Its all good and fun D&Ding eh

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
Nicholi did not answer.

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