Idan Cohen

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   July 2000


Joe_Ghostbuster has not earned any.
Ordo Aer: Novice
RK: 9
MP: 2,860

"Hi.I'm Jewish."

16 years old
The twilight zone

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Idan Cohen's Interests

Hobbies: Reading,writing a little,surfing the internet, online comics (my link above is to the funniest one I read), collecting picture's of wolves,foxes,and big cats,looking at buzoms.
Likes: Reading,Stings music,my little cousin,picture's of beatiful animals,buzoms.
Dislikes: People who do not like Sting,people with no lives,philistines,power players,people who harm animals for fun,women with no buzoms. Men with buzoms, they are just too weird.

Idan Cohen's RP Experiences

Role: Joe_Ghostbuster did not answer.
Experience: Joe_Ghostbuster did not answer.
Availablity: Joe_Ghostbuster did not answer.

Last Updated: July 11, 2001

More about Idan Cohen and some RP advice!

Once,a man was born.He lived a good life,married,had many children,and died.That wasn't me.

Once,another man was born.He lived a life filled with hardship,but raised himself above the rest,and became powerful and great.That also wasn't me.

Once, yet another man was born.He lived a good life,but he abanded it to save the world,and became a great hero.That also wasn't me.

Actually,that was me!No,wait.I was right,it wasn't me.

So...I like buzoms.Do you?

How Joe_Ghostbuster got into roleplaying:
Role playing is the devils work! No, i'm just kidding. Women with no buzoms are the real devils work. I've never really roleplayed, just on forums...any Israeli roleplayers in need of another guy feel free to Icq me.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
Joe_Ghostbuster did not answer.

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