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"Look at this cool spell i'm casting. It's called Pyre. "

16 years old
New Jersey

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Kobra 's Interests

Hobbies: well obviously Dragonlance and roleplaying..I like Warcraft III, STarcraft and other Blizzard games. I"m a fan of manga and HUGE anime fan. (wooo Duo and 1x2!)
Likes: Dragons, gamecube, computer, roleplaying, food, sleep, and books
Dislikes: Escalators that go down and people who smoke. And giant dog pictures.

Kobra 's RP Experiences

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Last Updated: May 17, 2003

More about Kobra and some RP advice!

Welly now....
I think i'm goign to annoy you all and not say anything.

How PrincessOfDarkness got into roleplaying:
Well i'm new to D&D, but i've been RPing for some time..since i was 10 or so. I would think up characters. . I only got into Dungeons and DRagons two years ago, and since because of lack of gamers in my neighborhood, i've only been able to do a little bit of it. Instead i roleplay on forums like these.

My main character is Karina Majere, who is the bastard daughter of the Temptress (Tahkisis) and Tanis, one night when he was drunk. Hence, she bore a half-god, quarter-human and quarter-elf child. Karina was unknown her godlyness until she took the Test, in which her Mother, in return for power and knowledge, burned upon her loyalty: Black orbs for eyes, black-tinted skin, black lips, teeth, tongue, fingernails and toenails.
She carries an Orb of Godly Talking which allows her to talk to her mother and her brother, Nuitari. One day, Takhisis made a deal with Raistlin: I'll free you from the Abyss if you marry my daughter.

They bore one child: Xreona. She has one black eye and one golden eye, with black hair with white streaks. She's not what you would think, she's a happy, bouncy kid that goes. "Oh yeah, my grandma's the Queen of Darkness. My mom's a demigoddess and my dad's teh master of Past and present. What does your family do?"

May the Dark Queen walk with you
Karina Half-Elven Majere
Princess of Darkness

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
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