The RPG Consortium Member eMail Newsletter

This newsletter is sent out frequently (sometimes up to 2 times a month) with updates about the site and the organization. This includes staff picked topics in the forums and RP Thread highlights as well as member updates.

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Issue #10, Saturday April 8, 2006
Woo wee! Long pause there to this new newsletter. It's ok. It'll just be a longer newsletter. What we got? Phoenix Rising, New Member Control Panel Features and new FFRP Forums Archives!!

Issue #9, Wednesday February 1, 2006
Exodus aftermath... all hail the new senate... go go gadget!

Issue #8, Monday January 2, 2006
Happy New Year! EXODUS has been initiated, Reflection on the RPG Consortium for 2006!

Issue #7, Thursday December 1, 2005
EXODUS, The Annual RPG Consortium Members Award and the Sweepsweek winners and your vote Bestest Mastersweeper Poster!

Issue #6, Saturday October 1, 2005
Gain more member points and new video tutorials for the RPG Forums. Upcoming changes and cool stuff on the way.

Issue #5, Sunday May 1, 2005
New format to the member newsletter; Member points will be changing in the forums; No more point award for the RP forums; Big jump in sign ups; New Newletter Archives

Issue #4, Saturday January 1, 2005
A couple of class changes; Vote for us; Daily stats added

Issue #3, Wednesday December 1, 2004
Happy holidays and a New Year; New Member Point System; Project Panacea

Issue #2, Monday November 1, 2004
U.S. elections; Polls module activated; RPG Discussion Forums Opened in the Gamers' Corner area; Reorganized some Forums

Issue #1, Thursday October 21, 2004
New RPG Consortium Member eMail newsletter; Cleaned up on the member database