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In the Future

From space and beyond, we boldly go where no one has gone before. Well, not really, but for this featured topic for the Gamer's Corner section, we're covering the Sci-Fi Genre in roleplaying. We'll take about various Sci-Fi settings/systems to plot ideas and setting creations so come along and join us!

Featured Article:
Life on Telluric Planets
Written by David Schatzman
David explains the knicks and knacks of life on Telluric Planets. What is a Telluric Planet? How do they support life and how does this information help you in your Sci-Fi games? Let David explain for you. More...

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Written by Kimberly Shay
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New tabletop RPG system: Dice & Glory from Ranger Games
Written by Robert A Neri Jr
Brand new tabletop RPG system, Dice & Glory from upstart Ranger Games promises to raise the RPG paradigm. More...