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Building a Castle: Guide to RP Design
Written by O_S
This is simply a guide to build your own adventures. (Part I: Linear Story) More...
Online Gaming 101: Chapter 1 - Getting Started
Written by Kimberly Shay
First in a short series of articles for those new to gaming online. More...
New tabletop RPG system: Dice & Glory from Ranger Games
Written by Robert A Neri Jr
Brand new tabletop RPG system, Dice & Glory from upstart Ranger Games promises to raise the RPG paradigm. More...
The Ultimate Character Template
Written by Ephialtes
With this template, you can do anything. This template will help you find anything you will ever want to know about your character. More...
The Ultimate FFRP Bio Guide
Written by Ephialtes
Feel that your bio is a let-down to the character you pictured in your mind? Here is a guide to help you in creating that perfect bio. More...

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  • Future War

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