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Online Gaming 101: Chapter 1 - Getting Started

Written by Kimberly Shay

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Example of Completed Character Sheet

(This character is of course copyrighted to the author, and was originally played at at

Name: Typhonia "Storm" Rowan
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Religion: Is drawn to Anasis, but is not deeply spiritual, as of yet.
Looks: Standing tall at 5'10", her figure is healthily curvaceous, and well toned. Long auburn hair flows down her back, interrupted only by a lightening streak of white from her left temple. Wide green-grey eyes, fringed by long lashes, look out from an oval face of fair skin, sprinkled generously with freckles. She is usually garbed in a long skirt of breeches of dark green, and a cream-colored muslin shirt, Over this she wears a patchwork bodice. Leather boots protect her feet from the cold and damp, when she wears them. A long shodded staff serves as weapon and walking stick. A leather back pack holds what worldly possessions that aren't strapped to the back of her horse, Myst.

Personality: Charming & intelligent, with a cautious, cynical edge. While she doesn't like crowds or lots of noise, she does enjoy society in general. She is slow to trust, but once given, gives it completely, barring betrayal. Her heart she guards much more carefully. Surviving on her wits & few skills has left her distrustful both of fate and politics. She doesn't much believe in courting & wooing, but flirts and charms somewhat unconsciously, and enjoys men to much to rule seduction out. She insists that she is practical, level-headed & cool, but anyone who gets to know her has seen her temper and her tendency to daydream, both of which she vehemently denies.

Background: She carries an intriguing background, one that she herself discredits as nonsense, if you can get it out of her in the first place.
When pregnant, her mother was caught out in a severe storm by a rowan tree, when lightening struck it. How close it came to her mother often depended on how many ales her father had consumed before the telling of the tale. The shock of it sent her mother into labor a week early. Their daughter was born, healthy and hale, and with a full head of hair, including, her parents said, that unusual streak of white. Proof, the locals said with awe, that she'd been touched by the gods, predestined at birth for some great faith.

When she was small, it seemed a wonderful thing. Many afternoons were spent daydreaming about what great fate awaited her. She would fly with dragons, save a King, become a Paladin, save the Seven Isles from some horrible cataclysm. Who knew! He parents made sure she received a thorough education, learning to read & write, as well as book keeping. Her father taught her to ride, and her mother shared her love of the flute. She seemed to have a gift for weather lore. The elders of her village held her in high regard, and her peers eyed her askance, but were outwardly friendly, although she learned early the difference between true friendship and insincere flattery. As years passed, and nothing grand happened, her "destiny" came to feel more like a burden than a blessing, and she soon learned to dismiss it as the fond dreams of loving parents.

The locals were not so quick to dismiss the possibility of grandeur from within their own ranks. Once she reached adulthood, those peers of hers, whether from spite, or jealousy of all the attention, or out of just plain meanness, began to whisper and gossip that something darker than the Divine had been involved with her freakish marking. Where once she had been looked upon fondly & and with hope, the glances she began to receive were now tinged with fear and mistrust. First angered, and then saddened by the accusations, and no longer able to bear the growing disappointment of her parents' grandiose dreams, she set off on her own.

Twenty-five now and firmly believing that her life is meant to be as ordinary and mundane as anyone else's. The only excitement she expects is that which she makes for herself. She has traveled from land to land, playing for her supper, or doing odd book-keeping jobs, picking up what skills she can along the way, living a gypsy-like life.

She has come to the Western Kingdom, far from her home, seeking without knowing what it is she wants from life, and denying the secret hope deep inside that maybe her parents were right.

Next time, in Chapter Two, we will be discussing the various types of platform games and genres, as well as some basic tips and tricks!

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