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The Ultimate Character Template

Written by Ephialtes

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Outer Goal (Physical):
Inner Goal (Psychological/Emotional):
Super Objective:
Life, career, or personal goals outside of the realm of the story:
Defining characteristic:
Dirty Secrets:
Introvert or extrovert?:
More thinking or feeling?:
What do you see is the biggest contradiction(s) your character lives out?:
Tends to be self centered? Selfish? Selfless?:
Favorite and hated foods/drinks:
Education or important learning experiences:
Most hated activities:
Most enjoyed activities:
Deepest secret or wildest fantasy:
Sense (or lack!) of humor: what makes your character laugh?
Who is your character's hero, or who do they admire or emulate?

Philosophy & Morality
Attitudes Toward:
- Self
- Others
- Friendship
- Physical Relationships
- Love
- Family
- Marriage
- Country
- The World
- Religion

Political Philosophy:
- Conservative/Traditional/Liberal/Radical:
- Public Causes Supported/Protested:
- Politically Active/Apathetic:


Life & Lifestyle
Closest friend(s):
- Attitude towards job:

Noted accomplishments:
- Famous/Infamous?

Clubs/organizations belonged to:

Food for Thought
How would your character react to:
- Inheriting $1 million:
- The death of a loved one:
- A natural disaster: hurricane/earthquake, etc.:
- Being fired:
- Meeting an old friend or enemy not seen for years:
- Having or raising children:
- Being mugged/violated in some way:
- An unexpected kindness or compliment:
- A serious illness:
- An interracial relationship:

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