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The Ultimate FFRP Bio Guide

Written by Ephialtes

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The Intermediate Bio
The most common type of bio for characters give quite a lot of information, and takes some time to write up. It is also known as an Intermediate Bio.

Here is an example

Character name : Cerawyn
Age: 28 winters
Height: Five Foot Seven Inches
Weight: 128 Pounds
Build: Slender but toned
Instep reach: ( I.e. standing side kick) 33 inches
Race: Mixed breed ( Mother was a spell caster, father was vampire - long story, history further down)
Hair color: Dark Auburn streaked with silver on the underside
Hair Length: Mid Back - no bangs, keeps pulled back tight in a braid that is sometimes wrapped up into a bun.
Eye Color: Glacier Ice
Skin Tone: Pale - Porcelain
Birth Location: The Inferno - will provide links to lay out and history if needed
Element: Ice primarily, though because of her mixed blood and her homelands she has skill with fire as well - tends to stay away from the rest except wind which is not highly trained but is only used as a defense to help keep her footing in battle.

Profile: Cerawyn has been traveling many realms over the last several years after the war in her home lands ended. The lands known as Serafina's Inferno were her birth place, a realm steeped in history, but torn apart by war for over a thousand years. Her family was part of a deep alliance that protected this realm since its creation, though only a young teenager towards the end of the war she had been brought up in adverse conditions. Having to learn the art of war fare long before other had too. Being the only daughter and the last in the line she was held to high expectations, though frequently let her mind wander from her training. She choose a different fighting style than most relying on her quick wit and personally developed techniques to add her during the war. After the war ended and the lands were once again to the point of restoration she decided to wander to other realms to be on her own and make a name for herself. She knew if she continued to live where she was born she could never live up to the legends of her family and would always be looked at with indignity from those that thought she possessed no power, only a name.

She is an adapt close ranged fighter, having trained most of her life in the ancient martial arts. She prefers to stay away from magics but knows a few spells enough that they are 2nd hand to her. When in battle she wears no armor, nothing more than a pair of f1tted soft leather shorts that allow her to move freely, with a tank top that is made of the same material. Other than that, she wears is a belt of leather to hold weapons, knee high soft leather boots, and a sheath on her back. Counting on her speed to keep from being hit, though the scars on her body indicate that she has had her fair share of run in with blades and spells that she was not quick enough to avoid.

Class: No exact class but would fit best into a thief/rogue but is more of an acrobatics artist.

Talents: extremely agile, quick speed, high endurance. Her attack is average, but relies on her other abilities to balance the scales.

Weapons: 2 gauntlets she wears at almost all times. Altered to not cover her wrists, the run from below her elbow to an inch above her wrists as to not inhibit her movement. jagged claw like spikes run the length of the front of the gauntlets.

A Razor tipped whip: 15 feet in length from handle to tip, where a fixed to it razor shards at the tip that measure 2 inches. Designed to slice flesh or leather as a scalpel would.

2 Throwing daggers: Kept in her boots. One on each side, usually only uses as a last resort. Nothing fancy, just tipped in silver.

1 Half Sword: Crafted by a family member, extremely light, blades length from the hilt is 36 inches, hilt is about 12 inches. A smaller sword to say the least but fitting for her build.

Abilities: Speed from her fathers blood, marital arts, throwing accuracy, ambidextrous ( both hands work equally, she is neither left nor right handed), Agile ( she tends to move like a cat), acrobatic

Edges: ( I do not know if you would classify these as abilities her or inherent traits ) - Double skill ( the ability to execute one move while planning out the next move or defense, does not make her immune to oncoming attacks but does give her a slight advantage to help minimize damage)


Ice Call - can be manipulated to form either walls of ice for protection or shards that can be sent towards an enemy.
Inferno: Named after her home land - last resort spell to engulf a set area in flames, 10 feet by 10 feet, can be set off 50 feet from eye line to eye line, 25 feet behind her.
Gust: As name says, a gust of wind she uses to help keep her footing during battle.

Possessions: Priestess kit : Contains herb and bandages. Herbs that help reduce pain and keep infection from setting in. Nothing special about the herbs, can be gained most likely at any herb shop.

Almost all bios will look like this, even out of fairly experienced FFRPers. This gives enough information for people to know what they are working with, and will be accepted in most advanced FFRPs.

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