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The Ultimate FFRP Bio Guide

Written by Ephialtes

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Many new FFRPers ask themselves the same question.

How do I make myself a good character? Many people will answer with a simple "Go out and make a bio" remark. For newer FFRPers, this can be a bit more difficult than you think.

Using Templates
In General, using this template is a good way to start.

Name: (If you have problems coming up with a name try searching Google for baby names)

Gender: (Male, Female, Other)

Age: (If you choose to have an old character, make sure to tell in their history how they have survive this long)

Eye look, shape & color: ( sad, almond shaped, blue for example)

Hair color, texture, length, style: (Red, thick, long, straight for example)

Skin Tone: (pale for example)

Height, weight body and structure: ( 5-5, 125 lbs, thin for example)

Natural Features Not previously described : (tattoos, piercing, birthmarks, scars )

Voice: (accents, deep, high, soothing, soft, ect)

Clothing: (what are they wearing normally from day to day)

Weapon: (main weapon, also list out sub weapons and any special attributes they have and how strong they are)

Armor: (color, style of armor plus how well it protects against physical and magical attacks)

Birthplace: ( name of city, town, country, realm in which they were born)

Race and Class: ( Human, Hunter for example)

Profile on her Profession: (How they chose the class they are currently and how they were trained)

Discovery of her talents, slight history on her past: How they learned of their talents and abilities, what their life has been like till now.

Mission at this time: (Why are they where they are and what do they want in life)

Elemental Basis: (Thunder, Earth, Fire, ect. )

Creature Control: (Any special relations to animals? List those there )

Talents: ( Any special abilities that are natural to them - spell are not natural)

Spells: (Spells they have learned over the years, how powerful they are and how long they take to cast)

Possessions: (Anything they carry on them )

Flaws: (What hurts your character?)

Now many people wont use all of these topics, and it is perfectly fine to use as many or as little as you like, but the more in depth your bio is, the easier it is for other FFRPers to get to know your character, making it easier to RP with you.

The Basic Bio
A fairly simple off-the-top-of-my-head bio is also known as a Basic bio.

Here is an example

Name: Lucinda
Race: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair : Ash
Eyes : Coal
Skin : Grayish and pale
Clothing : Tattered, slave rags
Powers : Healing and fire, true form - bird of fire
Personality : Shy, timid
History: Slave for an evil king that kept her as a pet. Broke free a weeks ago after killing the king one night. Has just been wandering since.

A few smaller FFRPs may accept this, but it only tells the very basics of your character and gives no depth for other RPers to work with.

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