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Basics to GMing a FFRP

Written by Ephialtes

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There are a few very simple steps to take that will help anyone run a great and successful RP, no matter the experience. Running a great RP is actually not as difficult as many think, but a lot of basics are over looked when someone starts an RP. This a lot of the time leads to the down fall of any RP. So here you go! A guide on how to run RP's!

1) Get a general Goal - what is the purpose of this RP? Are you going to save someone from dying? Save a realm? Find an artifact?

2) Location - where is the RP going to take place? What town? What realm?

3) Starting point - Where will characters first come together?

4) Why they are there - Why is each person there? How are they brought into the story?

5) Type of characters are you looking for - Do you want fighters? Healers? Evil characters?

6) Start an OOC - make sure to start an OOC topic describing everything so far and that you are looking for Rpers. Make a note if you want certain type of Rpers. ( ARPers, Good Rpers, New Rpers, Anyone)

7) Once you have enough members close off the RP - Title it =full= if you get to many people. Do not say =closed=, that is mistaken for an RP that is done and a mod or admin will close the topic.

8) Do not be afraid to reject people from the RP. If you have a certain way you want the RP to be run, feel free to tell people that they character they are using is not what you are looking for. Be nice about it though.

9) Ask for bios or Rp experience. Have people post current Rp's they are in and read through some of their posts. Remember length does not always mean the person is a skilled Rper, they might just be long winded.

10) Now that you have the basics done, open the RP in the main RP area. - Write up the introduction to the RP, the lay out, what people will see when they enter the Rp, bring your character in. Set it up so that the rest of the characters can read your first post and begin typing. You want to keep things clear.

11) Let people in the RP know that they can Pm you or ask in OOC about ideas for the RP, remember side-quests in RP's can help move the story along.

I have my Rp going now but I cannot seem to keep it moving. What am I doing wrong?

1) Maybe you need to re-evaluate the RP, make sure it is in track. If is not, then make sure to do something in the RP to grab everyones attention - make what I call a World Post. This post will let everyone know that the post you are making affects everyone. Announce the world post in the OOC topic, that way people will see it better.

2) Is everyone still Rping? If not, give them a PM, see if they are dropping out. If they are, that is fine. Do not let it get to you. That just means anyone they are holding up by not posting can move on.

3) Lack of communication - perhaps you need to have a talk with the members in the Rp to get some kinks worked out. Maybe get one or two people to help you with an event in the RP.

4) Maybe the Rp is moving to slow to keep peoples interest. If this happens, make sure to do something. Never just let it die.

5) Have you lost interest in the RP? That could be the problem, many times the host of the RP gets bored. If that happens, let the members of the RP know and try to think of ways to keep the RP moving. If you cannot come up with anything, try to at least bring the RP to some form of end before closing the topic. That way the characters involved have something to add to their bio's.

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