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Conan: Aquilonia - Flower of the West

Written by Damien

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The Judgement Throne
Gamemastering Aquilonia. This chapter is mostly for Game Masters, explaining how Reputation scores work in Aquilonia (even giving ratings like Chivalrous or Marriageable), describes the general moods and themes of Aquilonia, and details two new codes of honour (Chivalrous and Mercenary). After this full advice for how to run a good Aquilonian campaign is presented concisely with sub-headers like Magic is Frighteningly Epic and World-Blasting, Constant and Bloody Action, and Aquilonia is Full of Secret Enemies. We also get the full run-down on Aquilonian weather patterns, general advice for running your campaign, and extra information on the subject kingdoms of Aquilonia; Koth and Ophir.

Danger & Destiny
Adventures in Aquilonia. This last part of the product is only a couple pages of adventure hooks and ideas for Aquilonian-based campaigns. It's a nice touch, and some of the ideas really get a GM thinking...

So is it worth it?
That really depends. The book is certainly top-notch. But if you're going to run a game of Zamorians adventuring in Stygia, this book will be next to useless to you. If you really like Conan - pick up this book just to read. But if you're looking for a book to help with your campaign, and your campaign is not in or around Aquilonia - pass this one over for now. Most of this book is very specific to Aquilonia, so if you are planning to be in Aquilonia, but you're not planning to be in Aquilonia for most of the campaign - this book might be a bit costly to bother buying.

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