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Kender Personality

Written by Sean Macdonald

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There is an inner-force in all kender that drives them to investigate dark places, try new experiences and ask the questions no one dares to ask. From their creation they have always been curious of everything, everyone and everyplace. An old kender saying is "If you find an open door go inside, and if you find a locked door open it." They are born with the heart of an explorer and very rarely deny their natural calling. Kender can understand the need for caution, and in some situations kender can curb their curiosity, such as pregnant mothers, or situations where a kender's friends may be hurt as a direct cause of the kender snooping about.

Magic and gadgets attract kender like dwarves to ale. Kender are in awe of magical things of all types. Magical items, spells, and magical creatures peak a kender's interest and they can often be found wandering around places that are rumored to have magic. And gnomes are fond of kender, because they are fond of anyone that shares the same interest in their creations, although a kender will rarely hang around for the full explanation of the inventions specifications.

Kender fear nothing. They do not feel magical or non-magical fear. In the face of the most intense fear most kender have stated that they have felt and odd fluttering in their stomach similar to getting a bad case of indigestion, and sweating. This is usually enough to let the kender know that they are in a pretty perilous situation. But they are unaffected by dragon fear, the fear of the undead and any fear created through magical means. The have been rumors of kender that have felt fear, but these situations are usually so terrible, that the kender rarely live to tell if the rumor is true or not.

This fearlessness is just one reason why kender have trouble finding traveling companions. It's unsettling to find a member of you're party insisting that the Death Knight that has just appeared out of the shadows could be nothing more than an illusion if someone was just brave enough to go up and touch it, and then volunteer themselves. They do not have a full grasp of their own mortality and will usually go one step (or more) beyond any sane adventurer. But this does not mean that kender are entirely reckless. While other members of their party are quivering in fear the kender is battling bravely, or looking for a way to help their paralyzed companions.

It's a popular gnomish theory (or dwarven wishful thinking) that a kender will combust if bound and gagged for any length of time. Kender are so full of youthful energy that it's hard to keep a kender in one place for too long. They are extroverts and usually spend their time running around meeting new people, telling tales, and sharing their experiences from the road, but few people rarely have time to listen and trust the kender even less. Occasionally kender are imprisoned from time to time by local authorities and become accustom to the city regulations which seem to have special bylaws for granting them free room and board just for visiting and an armed escort to the front gates of the town the following morning.

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