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Life on Telluric Planets

Written by David Schatzman

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Then atmosphere transformation. This is tricky, but can be achieved given we build generators able to alter the chemical structure of the air not unlike lifeforms do. Obviously, in the latter stages lifeforms themselves such as micro-organisms shall become involved into the process.

In order to make the atmosphere more stable, planetary rotation might be encouraged. As previously mentioned, not all planets rotate if they are too close from the star, and some may not rotate fast enough. Day and night are therefore unexistent, temperature become extremes on both the exposed and unexposed faces of the planet, with obvious related problems such as ecosystems maintenance.

Same for the oceans should there be any. Those shall transform themselves along with the atmosphere, as they evaporate and turn to water vapor and rain back to the surface.

Enough technical issues for now. I shall however introduce a philosophical one: would people want to make spaces as viable as possible or just as practical as needed? Would people adapt well to radically different, unnatural contexts? Wouldn't they prefer to settle on planets for long or just undertake small, temporary operations here and there to extract resources, and then live wherever they can, shall it means space stations or anywhere? To be honest, I still wonder about this. Maybe only time will tell.

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