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Tools of Paranormal Investigations

Written by Tamara Mouchette

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Imagine waking in the middle of the night to a ghostly apparition lying next to you in your safe warm bed. The apparition appears to be human; dressed in human clothing, but with no hands at the end of the sleeves, and it’s head is abnormal and swollen. That night is just a prelude of what will appear to this person for the next twenty six years. How does one handle what the mind deems realistically impossible? Especially when you know your eyes definitely viewed what your mind processed?

Extrordinary phenomenon occurs throughout the world on a daily basis. Some of these occurrences can be explained through simple scientific research; while other phenomenon require a more creative approach in unraveling their mysteries. Investigating paranormal occurrences does require the collection of scientific data to prove/disprove whether or not a haunting has actually occurred; while also requiring a creative approach in knowing how to handle the phenomena they are dealing with. Most importantly though, the people involved in the investigation need to keep an open mind on what they are seeing, hearing, and dealing with.

There are organizations that investigate ghost sitings and assist the individuals involved by educating them concerning what is going on, and their options in dealing with the ghostly presence. One such group is the South Jersey Ghost Research Organization. Located on their website is a list of the some of the latest tools that they use in their paranormal investigations. This list of paranormal investigative tools is as follows:

  1. 35mm camera (autofocus or autoflash)
  2. Video camera (sony nightvision or low lux settings are the best)
  3. Tape recorder with external microphone
  4. Electromagnetic field detector (EMF)
  5. Parabolic microphone
  6. Night vision scope
  7. Thermometers or Thermal scanner
  8. Motion detectors
  9. Two way radio
  10. Flashlights
  11. Compass
  12. Extras items that come in handy- Batteries, matches, candles, food, drinks, magnifier, first aid kit, pens, pencils, notepad, and extra film.

Keep in mind that these tools are what the professionals use in their investigations. If you own a camera and have an open mind, you are all set to catch yourself a ghost in action.

Usually the most reliable findings of an investigation come from a camera or video camera. Since neither one has a mind in which to overlook what they consider the impossible, they capture everything on film with definite neutrality. That which the naked eye overlooks as unimportant may later be found as the key that unravels the cause of the haunting. SJGR suggests using 400 speed film for indoor shots and 800 speed film for outdoor shots for best possible results.

Tape recorders or digital recorders with external microphones are extrememly versatile during an investigation. They are used to record interviews with the parties involved with the haunting, and also to record the researchers thoughts throughout the investigation procedure. Recorders are also used to pick up electronic voice phenomena, or EVP. When partnered with a parabolic microphone, the chance of recording EVP increases dramatically because it amplifies sounds that most people would either not notice or even hear.

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