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Forum Games: Tanja's Precious Collection

Written by Tanja de Bie

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Forum gaming: the joy of thinking carefully of how your character will respond, his thoughts and emotions for everybody to read, the true storytelling that makes up RPG. Games with only a few players, and a low quality of writing are usually no fun at all, but their opposites can be difficult to find despite such supportive sites like and Here is my top ten of forum games, based on both quality and variation.

Some of them are run by moderators I've experienced personally, others are completely unknown to me. But all are precious gems.

  1. Aberrant Realms
    Historical Swashbuckler free form game with moderators and supporting website , an estimated of 200 registered players. Atmosphere is 17th century Europe, with a wide coverage of all areas. Moderators have a reputation for well written posts (though I'm not really objective since I'm one of them) but the speed is often low as the posting rate is once every three days. Detailed background.

    Emphasize in this game is on romance, politics, adventure and action, but hack and slash fans will be disappointed. Aspects like mundane things, training etc are down played as is the barely existent magic. Multiple characters allowed!

  2. Palace of Light
    Historical Swashbuckler free form game with moderators and supporting website, an estimated of 67 registered players, game with lots of potential. Atmosphere of 17th century Dumas France, main location is the palace. Moderators have a reputation for well written posts, posting rate of nearly every day.

    Emphasize is on romance, intrigue and politics, with measured amounts of shopping and training. Maturity is recommended.. Multiple characters allowed!

  3. Oira Seere
    Free form fantasy with moderators,135 registered players . This is a classic kind of high fantasy game, in part an improvement on concepts widely spread: an empire which allows all details of a full sim: training, adventure, shopping, romance etc. Moderators have a reputation for reliability and dedication. Only one character per player.

  4. The Discworld
    Fantasy parody based on the books of Terry Pratchett, free form with moderators, with supporting website. 105 registered players. Moderators are experienced and slightly wacko, giving this game lots of promise. Posting rates reasonably.

  5. Kingdom of Telgard
    Free form fantasy with moderators, 121 registered players. Another classic fantasy game like Oira Seere. Moderators have a reputation of being reliable and creative. High posting rate. Only one character per player.

  6. C.O.R.E.
    D&D Greyhawk campaign, 600 registered players, recent posting rate is high, with supporting website, very extensive game in a classic setting that continues to fascinate.

  7. Mt. Dragonball
    Anime fantasy, free form, 532 registered players, recent posting rate is high, help for newbies available, no supporting website. An original concept as far as RPG goes.

  8. Arcadia
    Fantasy tough mainly character driven, 108 registered players, with supporting website. Incredibly detailed, well designed website. Moderators have a reputation for being stern but fair and above all very eloquent. This game also has a MUD version. You cannot lurk on these forums.

  9. Wyrldscape
    Fantasy with a slight emphasize on knights and priests at first glance. Detailed world. 170 registered players, with supporting website, high posting rate. Only one character per player.

  10. Marvel Super Heroes
    Marvel Heroes, using original TSR MSH rules, 82 registered players, posting rate is reasonable, but the server experiences speed problems.

I purposely left out games that are currently developed. I know there are many. The Amethyst Alliance IRPG is currently developing a few of her own. More news on that in the next issue of the Amethyst Circle.

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