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A Guide to Online Game Management

Written by The Staff

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The Hack & Slash Fan
Adventure, quick and fast, where encounters follow each other up rapidly and motivation is not a big issue. That is what this player is looking for. Political intrigue and clever conversation will just bore him, as will endless training. The posting rate of this player often is high, but not too intensive. Though seeing his statistics go up is a high motivator this player is mostly attracted to the thrill of being a hero.

The Developer
Developing his character from a farm boy to a king is what this player is aiming at. He is constantly looking for angles to get his character ahead, train him, involve him in complicated political intrigue or get his character through all kinds of emotional states. Nine times of ten you are dealing with an experienced gamer here and his character will tend to be a rising star and quite a handful for any but the most experienced moderators. One of the rewards will be the higher levels his character gets, and yes, this player will expect the role-playing to intensive even more as he continues. Hack & Slash threads will not satisfy him, thickening plots will.

The Builder
Unlike the Hack & Slash fans and the Developers, this player likes to take things slow. He wants to detail every step of his life and in fact will take great pleasure in the every day life of a character, instead of high adventure. Where the previous two will expect despair and mishap to come their way, the builder will deftly try to avoid risk and instead maintain a happy existence. A reward for this player is to maintain his own little piece of the game, with some help of a moderator.

Case Study: Dung Heap
Sam had just opened his forums and was waiting to see what response he would get from players. More and more players were coming everyday. Sam greeted them enthusiastically and made long detailed posts about what he was planning.

But the time crunch hit. Due to the increasing traffic to his site Sam was forced to spend more time on managing and less time on maintaining the site itself. Before long players started asking questions like "Hey Sam, when do you think the new forum will be up?".

Finally one rude player said "Hey Sam, I think you are just lazy." Sam read this and went crazy. Here he was working his butt off and some idiot called him lazy. He posted a heated reply. Within hours, players took the side of the player Sam attacked. Sam was dumb founded. There was gratitude for ya! He was ready to give up.

Sam forgot the golden rule not to make promises he could not deliver in a short period of time. Players got frustrated but were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, that is until Sam lost his cool. Because Sam did not act professionally and lashed out at that one player, all other players who had felt the same, but were too polite to say so, felt very defensive. Sam expected gratitude but he forgot that the game should be fun & relaxation for everybody involved.

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