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Dark Erotic RPG's

Written by Tanja de Bie

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That title certainly drew your attention, didn't it? As it turns out, you're not the only one. Over the last year, a new trend in online RPG advertising has emerged. Terms like "Dark", "Erotic", and "Adult" have become a popular way to characterize games.

A staggering 20% of online RPGs are thus advertised. Visit or any similar game list site and you will see ads like:

  • Looking for a dark erotic game where my female character can get ravaged by all manner of creatures/demons.
  • If you feel up to some very intense adventure and fighting, following the path to romance, rape, love, hate, adventure and murder... let us know!
  • Likes: lesbianism, M/S, bondage/erotic punishment/training, sex-slavery, casual sexy fun between girls. Dislikes: childish characters who carry large weapons at all times.
Nobody is saying that there were no online erotic games in the RPG market before the end of the Millennium... on the contrary. During discussions on this subject on the Amethyst Alliance staff intranet, games dating back to the beginning of the Internet were mentioned. Several large online games with a mixed audience of both adults and youngsters know a system where so-called consensual cybersex is played in a nonpublic place, in private chatrooms, or over ICQ, in addition to the normal plotlines. Some players admit to mixing RPG and BDSM plotlines, others keep such pleasures distinctly separate. One person experienced in both remarked, "BDSM is sexual, sensual, erotic, or whatever you wish to call it. It is about providing pleasure for your mate/partner. RPGs are not."

So why is there this sudden rise in advertising? Is there an increased need for these kind of games?

One Amethyst Alliance staffer said, "I think this has to do with the loss of innocence of modern society. We are finally tossing out oppressive moral systems. The old morals and ethics were originally designed due to health risks, but with modern medicine there is a reduced need for them. Because of this, we, as a race, are once again looking at our primal side, our instincts. We are predators, we are instinctually driven to the act of reproduction. Fantasy has always been a healthy way to explore those aspects of ourselves that society finds repugnant, distasteful, and "wrong". For example, John enjoys playing evil characters. We all know John is a good person. But, role-playing an evil murderous arch-lich allows him to explore and release the negative energies that he has within him; in the D&D setting, it is ok. For John to go out and torture to death a child would be wrong. By doing it in a game, it makes for a healthy, educational release of aggression, anger, and hate."

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