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Written by Ruben Archilla

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Tarkkarean culture eventually developed into a more militaristic culture. Fearing more invasions and the possibility of losing their freedom, which they highly valued, they started building armies and developing high tech weapons. Eventually Tarkkareans started selling their services to a variety of intergalactic governments. They served as mercenaries, military advisors, and even military trainers to many other cultures in the galaxy.

It was during this time that Tarkkareans came in contact with the Republic. The first contact almost ended in a full scale battle, but the Republic diplomat did not let things go that far. The diplomat requested an audience with the leaders of the Tarkkareans and was granted one. During this audience, Tarkkareans learned of the Republic and were offered the opportunity to join, which they did.

Tarkkarean scientists and military personnel became part of the Republic and the Tarkkareans prospered greatly. The Tarkkarean scientists were welcomed in every sector of the galaxy. Their officers served in many outposts across the galaxy, and Tarkkareans developed a distinct and honorable reputation.

When the Republic declined and the Empire took over, Tarkkareans were one of the few who dared to oppose the new order indirectly. Every research project of the Empire in which a Tarkkarean was involved was either sabotaged, delayed, or failed to produce any significant achievements. The Empire invaded Tarkeris and gave the Tarkkareans the choice of surrendering. Tarkkareans surrendered in order to be able to continue fighting behind the scenes. The sabotage, delays, and failures still continued, but in a more covert way.

Tarkkarean society is a very democratic society. Every member has a vote and every member is allowed to express his/her public opinion. Voting is done quickly, Tarkkareans don't like to waste time. They either accept or reject whatever is being proposed in an expediant fashion.

Technology Level:
Tarkkareans have a very high technological level. They are capable of producing many high tech items, especially weapons and starships.

Trade and Technology:
Tarkkareans like to trade freely with any society. Their starships are among the best designed in the entire system and they are in great demand. Tarkkareans show a great interest in technology, and work on extensive research to produce high quality items that are sold all over the galaxy. Tarkkareans are also hired to be military advisors and trainers in many worlds.

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