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Written by Ruben Archilla

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Creativity is expected at all levels of education and is highly encouraged. Young male and female Tarkkareans are presented with challenges and exercises to develop their intelligence and creativity. Education in a Tarkkarean academy is designed to teach military, social, intellectual, physical, cultural, and meditation skills.

Tarkkareans are excellent covert ops specialists, bodyguards, warriors, pilots, leaders, and scientists. Their factories develop high tech weapons, body armor, tanks, and starfighters. They also develop many other things, vehicles, computers, starships, machinery, equipment, etc.

Tarkkareans either crashed on Tarkeris or evolved from another sentient race. Recorded history goes back to five thousand years ago, so does not cover their origination. Tarkkareans were not a military society at first, they were a highly scientific society dedicated to learning and expanding their knowledge. This however, did not last long.

About three thousand years ago Tarkeris were invaded for the first time, but it certainly wouldn't be the last. The first invasion was carried out by a race of intelligent bugs who wanted to exploit the planet for it's rich mineral deposits. The invasion was a success. Tarkkareans being a peaceful race were not able to fight back and they became slaves. However, the Tarkkareans reacted swiftly and decisively and by the end of the year, they had developed their first army to begin taking back their home planet. They were already a highly intelligent race and they simply applied their intellect to the art of warfare. The bugs had the advantage of numbers, but the Tarkkareans had the advantage of technology. It took them three years to take back their home, but in the end the bugs were exterminated. They wiped out the invading army totally.

The period following the invasion of the bugs was a time of prosperity. Tarkkareans continued to expand their knowledge. Twenty years passed before the bugs returned. This time the Tarkkareans where ready for the battle. The second invading fleet was attacked in space and destroyed before it could land. These invasion attempts continued for the next thirty years. Several times during this period Tarkeris was invaded by the bugs or by other races. Each time the Tarkkareans would repel the invasion and wipe out the invading army totally.

Ten years after their last defeat the bugs returned to Tarkeris. This time the Tarkkareans once more attacked the invading fleet in space, but they allowed a damaged bug battleship to escape. The battleship was followed by a fleet of Tarkkarean battle ships. Tarkkareans began attacking the bug homeworld immediately by bombarding key installations on the surface. A great army of Tarkkareans landed on the planet and started attacking the bug colonies. After two years of intense combat, the Tarkkareans defeated the bugs permanently. The last bug colony was destroyed down to it's last creature.

Tarkeris was attacked many more times following this incident. Being a planet rich in mineral deposits, it attracted many races and corporations with a desire to commercially exploit those resources. Each invading force was eliminated to it's last member or destroyed in space.

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