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Written by Ruben Archilla

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Story Factors
Tarkkareans are known as great warriors who are strong and intelligent. In combat Tarkkareans are known for employing extraordinary military tactics with great efficiency.

Honor Code
Tarkkareans have a great sense of honor. They will never betray their own race, family, or friends. They are strong warriors with an honor code as ancient as the race itself. Anyone who insults their honor may not live long enough to apologize.

Appearance and Biology:
Tarkkareans come from Tarkeris, a planet that has a heavy gravity and extremely cold temperatures. Tarkkareans are very tall, (some are even taller than Wookies), and extremely strong. Tarkkareans are similar to humans in appearance, except that they are bigger and more muscular than humans. Their bodies contain the same organs that human bodies do. These organs are located in relatively the same positions, but Tarkkarean organs are bigger and they only have one blood type. The major difference between Tarkkareans and humans occurs in their appearance. Tarkkareans have dark blue skin, yellow eyes, and black or dark blue hair that is always straight. It is a distinct possibility that the Takkarean race originally descended from the human race.

Tarkkareans are even tempered. They do not get angry easily, but when they do, you better watch out! They will not hesitate on starting a fight with the offending party and they will only stop fighting when they are defeated or the enemy is defeated. Tarkkareans only get angry when their honor is insulted.

History and Culture:
Tarkkareans are native to the planet Tarkeris and have existed on it for thousands of years. Tarkkareans have a warlord culture and are excellent warriors by nature, but they are by far better officers and leaders. They also have a natural creative intelligence which allows them to excel in the sciences. They made a science and an art out of implementing war that has not been equaled by many races in the system.

Every Tarkkarean is trained in unarmed combat from childhood. In combat they are disciplined and will not retreat unless faced with impossible odds. Even then, they may still come up with a new battle tactic to gain the upper hand.

Academies in Tarkeris, Kemay, and Var-Betar are military academies. Students dress in uniforms and are highly disciplined. While there is a high demand to develop the body, there is also a great demand to develop the mind and the soul. Tarkkareans are highly intelligent, and they do take advantage of this intelligence. Tarkkareans who exhibit a higher intelligence are sent to off planet universities to acquire higher knowledge.

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