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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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7) Erreth-Akbe
This system consists of five planets. Erreth-Akbe is a large colony planet, most of the surface is covered by lush green forests and mountains. The main economy of the planet is the export of grown vegetables. Tsk-Tsarar is the major city and space port of the planet. This city has several cantinas, a few hotels, and restaurants. Not to many people visit this planet. The empire has a small garrison on the surface in case there is any trouble, which is never the case in this planet.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
Erreth-AkbeForestsAgriculture (colony)3

8) Kalessia
After the empire is defeated in the battle of Endor this planet will become the new republic HQ in the sector. The system has four planets, Kalessia is the biggest one with a breathable atmosphere, and it's surface is mostly covered by forests. Agriculture is the main economy of the planet. There are two moons orbiting the planet. Four major cities are located in the planet: Qal-Aldrome, Qal-Berran, Tar-Keldrome, and Var-Caradian. Tar-Keldrome is the spaceport of the planet. Traveling between cities is done by the trans continental monorail. The monorail known as the Silver Bullet offers grand accommodations, and the trip itself is a magnificent experience. The Silver Bullet travels at 60 mph, to allow passengers the chance of viewing the magnificent forests of the Kalessia.

The other planet that can support life is Kali III, this planet serves as the trade center of the system. Kali III is a planet of plains, where food is grown in many farms. Kali III has two major cities, and several small towns.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
Kali IPlateaunone0
Kali IICavenone8
Kali IIIPlainTrade2

9) Var
This system consists of four planets, Var is the only one that can support life. It is mainly and agricultural planet, and the surface is mostly plains. The planet produces lots of vegetables and fruits. A particular red berry known as Silka is a major delicacy in many planets, and it's therefore harvested in great quantities. Exportation of this berry and grown vegetables is the main economy of the planet.

The other three planets of the system have a type III or type IV atmosphere, and have not been explored at all.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons

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