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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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6) Kedun
One of five planets in the Kedun system. Kedun is a major trade planet, with a mountainous terrain covering about 80% of the surface. A few valleys do exist in this planet, with small towns or villages present. These valleys produce most of the food used in Var-Carabon the only city on the planet. Var-Carabon is a major space port city. It can effectively house up to 500 ships of different sizes. Almost all major corporations have offices in Var-Carabon. Shops of all sizes and offering almost all types of services are available in this city. The city is divided in two major areas, the low side, and the high side. The low side is a maze of twisting alleys, small shops, cheap cantinas, smuggler houses, and residence of most of the criminal element of the city. Several thieves guilds control this area. A major imperial garrison keeps this area under constant patrol and surveillance.

The high side is where all the major trading establishments are located, and the best accommodations. This area has it's own private police force, in addition to a heavy imperial garrison to keep the law and order. Crime is very low in this sector of the city. A monorail system connects the entire city. The system is operated by a computer controlled by the empire.

Korry is the second planet in the Kedun system, and it's a major research facility for the empire. The surface is 75% covered by mountains. Imperial Harbor is a maximum security city protected by a perimeter wall. Several research complexes are housed in here, including a weapons research lab, a chemical facility, and several other research installations. Some of the most classified research programs of the empire are done in this place. This city has several housing areas, a major bar, a super recreation complex and sports arena, a theater, several shops, a major mall, and several parks. Entrance to the city is restricted to authorized personnel only. Public transport in the city is done by droid operated taxis, that are available to anyone in the city. This system is operated by the empire, and closely monitored. Several top level researchers have a private limo, and personal escort from the empire. Private citizens are also allowed to have cars in the city premises.

Selt is the third planet in the Kedun system, and it's a major mining facility operated by the empire. The surface is mostly mountains, and high peaks. Several mining towns are located around the planet. Tfarcraw is the major city and spaceport of the planet. The spaceport can only by used by spaceships with imperial clearance, all other ships can use the space station and people can shuttle down to the surface. The shuttle from the space station to the surface departs every two hours.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
Selt IIMountainsnone3
Selt IIIMountainsnone5

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