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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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2) Tarkeris
One of the five planets in the Tarkeris system, and the one that gives the system it's name. Tarkeris is home to the Tarkerians, a highly intelligent and creative race of warriors. Tarkeris like the other planets in the system is a glacier planet, with temperatures that go below zero at night. Tarkeris is also home to the rebel headquarters in the Columbia sector, and the planet that gives the system it's name. The rebel alliance has a small garrison in here and operates from this planet. Many rebels don't know the location of this secret base.

The other planet of interest in the system is Kemay, this planet is still partially open for exploration. A large plateau of ice in the equator is the only populated area in this desolated planet, this is the city of Port Blue Ice. The city of Port Blue Ice is a large tourist center, and space port. The main attraction of this resort is the annual ice race that starts and ends on Port Blue Ice. The race goes across the part of the Sea of Ice that has been explored.

The planets that form this system are:
NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
KemayIce GlacierTourist Resort5
TarkerisIce GlacierHomeworld3
Var-BetarIce GlacierAgriculture1

3) Chuula
The biggest sand pile in the universe according to the people that live in this planet. Chuula is the third planet in the Chuula system and it is vast in natural resources. The surface is a huge desert, but there are lots of mining operations on the planet. Three major cities are found in this place: Mos-Arran, Mos-Drakar, and Mos-Dunakis. Mos-Arran is the major space port on the planet, and it's a standard class starport. Mos-Drakar and Mos-Dunakis are major trade, and ore processing centers.

Char-Laai the second planet in the system also has high mineral deposits that are extracted and processed for trading. The planet has several mining towns, and one major city with a limited class starport. The major ore trading of the system is done through Char-Laar the first planet of the system. If you are running a campaign under the empire, a military garrison will be present on Char-Laar.

The planets in this system are:
NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
Char-LaaiMountainNatural Resources1
ChuulaDesertNatural Resources8

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