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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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21) Kamember
Kamember is a major trader of a rare spice known as Canelamen. This rare spice is extracted from a desert plant that grows only on Kamember. Production of Canelamen is controlled by three feuding families the Satharians, Harkareans, and Arakars. These families have been at war for some time but neither one have a major advantage over the other one.

Kamember is a large desert. There is one major city Arenia, which also has the only starport in the planet. The starport is controlled by all three families.

Re-Kam the second planet in the system is also controlled by the three families. This planet is used to grow vegetables, and fruits that are used locally and exported to Kamember for the population that works on the Canelamen production farms. The planet also houses the major residential centers of the Satharians, Harkareans, and Arakars. Each residential areas is under constant patrol, since each family has a small personal army that is always within the premises.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons

22) Marran
Marran is the largest planet in the system. Marran is an academic planet. Many colleges and universities are located in this planet. The planet is under imperial control, therefore it has an imperial governor, and a very large military garrison. Marran is also home to a large rebel faction that is formed by some of the aristocratic families that live in here. Marran has a terrestrial type surface, with large urban areas. An imperial class starport is present on the planet.

Essary is one of the four planets in the Marran system. The planet is a major shipyard for the empire. Many types of ships are manufactured in here. The largest ones are manufactured on orbiting stations around the planet. Smaller ships are manufactured on the planetary surface.

Essary has a surface that is mostly covered with mountains and higlands. Several oceans are present on the planet surface, but the continental highlands cover most of the surface.

Several major cities and towns are located around the planet. There are also three major starports in here.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
EssaryMountains, HighlandsShipyard9
MarranUrban, PlainAcademic3

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