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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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19) Tremar
Tremar the planet that give the system it's name, is a planet full of plains. The main economy of the planet is agriculture. Tremar's major resource is the distribution of Nisper Berry, a sweet green berry that only grows in Tremar. There are five planets in this system.

Tremar has three major cities, and many small towns. Varsovia is the major spaceport in the planet and is under the control of the empire. Stormtroopers are always on patrol in this area. Varsovia, has lots of fine restaurants, many bars and nightclubs, several minor tourist attractions, and a few hotels with casinos.

Far- Gammon the first planet in the system has large desert areas, with some fertile areas. Water is collected from the rainy season which lasts about one month, and used in the production of vegetables, and fruits that are exported through the system.

Ter-Ramat is a magnificent planet of evergreen forests. The planet provides medical, banking and information services in a grand scale. The biggest city in the planet is Ogacihk city, and it houses the best medical, banking, and information centers in the sector. Medical research is conducted in several of the facilities around the city. Major stock exchanges take place in this city around the clock, and the greatest electronic library in the sector is located in here.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons

20) Valmouth
Valmouth is the second largest military base in the sector. The system has three planets. Two of them can support life. The empire uses this system to do a lot of research and special projects. New prototypes are designed, developed, and tested in here. Metal alloys, and chemical experiments are conducted in large research labs.

Valmouth has two major cities. Both cities have large military garrisons and the streets are constantly under patrol. Traveling between the two cities is accomplished by airlift transport.

Valmouth is largely a wetlands planet. Lots of lakes, swamps, and marshes cover much of the planet surface.

Kebas is the second planet in the Valmouth system that can support life, and it's also covered by wetlands. The main economy of the planet is the manufacturing of luxury goods. Fine jewelry, high fashion, high tech, elegant limousines and sport cars are manufactured in Kebas.

Kebas has four major cities, and several small towns. The empire keeps a large military garrison on this planet as well. Lots of new weapons are designed, developed and tested in this planet.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
ValmouthWetlandsMilitary, Research0
KebasWetlandsLuxury Goods4

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