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Star Wars Character Templates: Part 2

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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Mercenary Demolition Expert

Background: You were always good in chemistry - memorizing formulas and working out difficult chemical equations. Your greatest interest however, has always been explosives. You learned as much as you could about making explosive compounds. The company discovered your interest and hired you. You worked harder than many others in the company since you are not in top physical shape, but you qualified. You are good with weapons, but you are better at blowing up things. You know how much explosives to use, and where to use them to do the most damage. You can bring down buildings, or vehicles, in a short amount of time.

Personality: You are not as outgoing as the others in your company, but you are the one who will make things blow up. You always have a surprise or two when it comes to blowing things. You are always calculating the odds, and try to blow up as many vehicles, or structures as you can to give your team an edge.

Objectives: To blow up as many things as possible, to retire in luxury.

Quote: "It will blow to the next galaxy."

Connection to Other Characters: You know all your squad members, a gambler, and dealer who can get you explosives at a discount price.
  • Dexterity ( 4D): Blaster 5D (S - Blaster Rifle 6D), Dodge, Grenade 5D, Running
  • Knowledge ( 3D): .Streetwise, Survival, Willpower 4D
  • Mechanical ( 2D): Ground vehicle operation, Repulsorlift operation
  • Perception ( 3D): Gambling, Hide 4D
  • Strength ( 2D): Climbing/Jumping, Stamina 3D
  • Technical ( 4D): Demolition 5D (S - Vehicles 6D, and Buildings 6D)
Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol (Dmg 4D), Blaster Rifle (Dmg 5D), Knife, Blast Helmet, Blast Vest, Comlink, Breath Mask, Glow Rods (2), Thermal Detonators (5), Grenades (3)

Notes: This character is a good fighter at long range, his specialty is to hit from a distance, and blow things up.

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