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Star Wars Character Templates: Part 2

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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In the Star Wars universe, mercenaries are as abundant as bounty hunters. The rebel alliance, as well as many mega corporations, use them frequently. Even the empire occasionally uses them. Mercenary companies or teams can be very powerful or just starting out in the universe.

In this article we will not explore the Table Of Command (TOC), the organization or the structure of a mercenary company. This article deals primarily with giving you more templates that can be used for the Star Wars universe.

If your group of players wants to create a squad of a mercenary company, a team of mercenaries, or the few survivors of a mercenary outfit, the templates in this article will help them to develop those mercenary type characters.

Mercenaries go into battle for the most obvious reason in the universe: money. They are loyal to the company or squad. Beyond that, they do what they do for money. Unless they have a score to settle with the hiring party, they don't care who hires them as long as they get paid.

Getting a contract is done in many different ways. Usually there is an executive - the company commander, or a senior officer with good business knowledge - who will negotiate the contract with the employer. Some job offers are posted in galactic net servers unsanctioned by the empire, and many times by word of mouth. A mercenary company with a good reputation will be known by a few important people in the galaxy, and they will be in demand.

If your group wants to create a mercenary company, team or group from scratch they will need the following:

  • A starship, purchased on credit from a major corporation, or a major crime lord. This can be a capital ship (Corellian Corvette or similar), or a transport ship modified for the company use.
  • medic droids (1-2) that have the surgeon and doctor skills to a 5D level or better.
If possible they should try to get at least one of the following:
  • astromech droids for doing minor repairs to the ship
  • protocol droid for translating when negotiating a contract
  • specialty weapons, such as light repeating blasters, thermal detonators, and mines
  • starfighters and tanks
Each character in the group should have the following:

Weapons: blaster pistol, knife; blaster rifle and grenades are optional
Personal Equipment: breath mask, comlinks, glow rods, macrobinoculars, and a medpac or two.

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