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New Character Templates for Star Wars

Written by Ruben Archilla

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The Droid Tech

Notes: This was inspired by the Techie character class from Cyberpunk. The Droid Tech is an interesting character. He likes droids, he is always taking them apart and putting them back together. He is always modifying some droid or salvaging parts to repair the ones he already has.

Template Type: Droid Tech

You can provide surveillance, protection or attack by using droids of your own design. Your team needs surveillance on an imperial VIP or imperial installation, you got the droid for the job. Your team needs protective fire cover, a fast attack or a distraction, no problem you have one or probably more units ready to launch and use against the enemy. You can build, fix, repair, or modify any droid that comes your way. You can jump into combat if the situation requires it, and you can pilot almost anything that comes your way.

You like to scrounge every junkyard you can find on every starport around the galaxy for parts that you can use to build or repair your toys. You know what you are looking for and you know where to get it at the best price, and if the price is not right, you can always talk almost anyone into giving you a price that you like. You enjoy building your own droids for specific tasks, you even give them some type of personality (mainly to amuse yourself), and a name.

To build as many droids in as many combinations, and for as many tasks as you possibly can.

A Quote:
"You guys need what? Relax the cavalry is on the way".

Connection to other characters:
You know 3-5 junkyard owners. You also know most of the junkyards in many major starports around the galaxy. One of your friends is a hacker. You know one or two customs officers, one cantina owner, and a smuggler.

(2D) - Blaster, Dodge, Running

(3D) - Streetwise, Value (S- Droid and Droid parts - 4D)

(4D) - Communications, Hover Vehicle Operation, Starship Gunnery, Swoop Operation, Space Transport

(2D) - Bargain (S - Droid parts - 3D), Hide, Search, Surveillance.

(2D) - Climbing, Jumping

(4D) - Demolition, Droid Build (5D), Droid Programming, Droid Repair Equipment- Comlink, Datapad, Blaster Pistol, Droids (3), tool set, set of clothes (2), and 1000 credits.


Model: AR24 - First degree droid
Model: G0J2 - Second degree droid
Model: R1A2 - Security droid

New Skills:

  • Athletics: this skill is a representation of the body training required for many sports.
    Specializations: Gymnastics, Rappelling, Hangliding, Parachuting, or any sport that requires body conditioning.
  • Droid Build: the skill that allows a character to build a droid from scratch.
    Specializatons: Any droid type
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