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New Character Templates for Star Wars

Written by Ruben Archilla

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The Undercover Specialist (Spy)

Notes - This was also inspired by Shadowrun 3rd ed. The undercover specialist is an agent who can infiltrate any group or organization, can pass himself or herself by a member of any social class, and has many identities.

The undercover specialist is the perfect spy (remember James Bond, and The Saint) when the mission requires the agent to interact, infiltrate, and mingle with a group or person in order to get the information or the job done.

Template Type: Undercover Specialist (Spy)

Some people do it for money, others for professional reasons. You do it because it's your style, you like the action and you have a score to settle with the empire. You can negotiate a contract to get supplies for the rebellion under the guise of a corp exec. If someone has to be interrogated you have what it takes to do the interrogation, and you can talk your way past most security check points.

Crime lords, gangsters and underworld thugs know that you are as tough as they are or probably tougher. You can mingle with high society, talk about politics, and almost any subject with confidence. Most people think you are a walking encyclopedia of trivia knowledge and probably you are. You know lots of things about lots of different subjects. You can carry a good conversation with anyone, or dance your way around the room. You are the perfect undercover jobs specialist.

With your forged id's, and disguises, you go anywhere, and get any mission done. When things get tough, you get tougher. When things get heated, and the pressure builds up, you are cool, calm and collective. You are resourceful and smart.

You live for the thrill of the moment. It's in your blood and you can taste it on ocassions. You have an outgoing personality, and you can socialize with anyone. You have lots of contacts, and plenty of safehouses all around the galaxy. You have many disguises, forged id's and papers, and change them as often as needed.

To live life as close to the edge as possible.

A Quote:
"Is it dangerous? Let's do it"

Connections to other characters:
You know a smuggler, a crimelord, a government official, an imperial officer, a covert ops specialist, a bureaucrat, and several other people.

(4D) - Athletics, Blaster (S- Blaster Pistol-5D), Dodge, Running

(4D) - Bureaucreacy, Business, Cultures, Etiquette, Intimidation (S-Interrogation-5D), Planetary Systems, Streetwise

(2D) - Communications, Space Transport

(3D) - Bargain, Forgery, Gambling, Hide, Investigation, Persuasion, Sneak.

(2D) - Brawling (S- Martial Arts-3D), Stamina

(2D) - Demolition, First Aid, Security Equipment - Breath Mask, Comlink, Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle, Datapad, Glow Rod, Macrobinoculars, Medpac(2), Recording Rod, Thermal Detonator, Vibroblade, 2000 credits. A sports type airspeeder.

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