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New Character Templates for Star Wars

Written by Ruben Archilla

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For those of us who like to play the Star Wars RPG, choosing a character class to play is limited to the templates available in the book. If we have a good GM, who has a creative mind, we may get some other choices to play different characters. If the GM allows it and we are very creative we can try to create a new template or modify an existent one to suite our needs.

In a universe as big as the Star Wars universe is, there are hundreds of thousands of professions and many possibilities for extraordinary or interesting characters. The book only gives us a few ideas, but we can always create a new template or borrow from other sources.

Creating a new template is a challenging situation. Before you get your pen or pencil, and start writing out the new template, stop and ask yourself a few questions.

If you are the GM how will you fit this character into the campaign? If there is no place for the character in the campaign or scenario that you are building, then there is no need for a new character template. The opposite is valid for the player, if you are playing the game, will your GM allow you to use this class in his/her campaign? Lets face it some GM's are very selective in what they allow and what they don't allow in a campaign, and some will not allow anything that is not in the rulebooks. There is no point on creating a new template or modifying an existing one if you are not going to be able to play it in the campaign.

Do you really need a new template, or can you borrow from other sources?
If you take a look at other RPG's or read some good books, you may find that someone already created or developed what you are looking for. You might be able to take a character class from another RPG and adapt it to the Star Wars universe. Similarly the hero of one of your favorite books could become a character in the Star Wars universe if you give him/her the right skills, and the right equipment.

Can you modify one of the already existent templates to suite your needs?
This is similar to the question above, but in a different light. Maybe you just want to play an ace pilot, or an older jedi. With some modifications to the existent templates in the book you may be able to accomplish your dream character with a minimum amount of work.

What can this character do that others can't?
Creating or modifying a template should add to the game, not give more of the same (MOTS). The character should be able to fill a place within the team or campaign, his role should be unique.

This article will give GM's and players new templates to create new and different characters than those provided on the original book. The ideas for these templates came from two of my other favorite RPG's - 'Shadowrun' and 'Cyberpunk'. These templates will add some fun and spice to the Star Wars RPG.

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