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Masonic/NWO and the American Government

TOPIC: Masonic/NWO and the American Government


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Masonic/NWO and the American Government

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Sunday December 18, 2005 2:45 PM
This is a continuing discussion from the article called "The Masons and Washington, DC".

In continuation with the article concerning the Masonic Design of Washington, DC, in this thread we will discuss the other imagery commonly attributed to the Masonic Order and/or New World Order and used by the American Government.

First and most obvious is found on the reverse of the one dollar bill. If you look at the reverse of this base unit of American money, you will find this image:

This is part of the Great Seal of the United States. This image has been commonly called "The All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati" by New World Order conspiracy theorist. To them, the inclusion of the Eye on the Great Seal forcefully displays the control of the Illuminati over the American Government. Of course, many of these theorist include the other side of the Seal, the part with the Eagle. In it, you will find 13 stars, 13 olive leaves, 13 arrows, 13 bars (on the sheild), 13 fruits (around the stars), and 13 feathers on each wing of the Eagle. The theorist ignore these symbols represent the 13 colonies, but say that 13 is a powerful number in Numerology ("Great Rebellion"). Additionally, some say the 13 imagery is in reference to the "13 bloodline families" of the Illuminati.

Now, we must return to the Pyramidal part of the seal. If one makes a Star of David with the "Eye" cap being the top of the pyramid, the Star's corners touch five letters. Going Counterclockwise, they are A, O, N, M, S, which our dear theorists claim stands for Ancient Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, which they claim is a name for the Masons (additionally, AONMS can be anagramed into MASON). They claim this is proof the National Reserve Bank is owned by the Freemasons.

The next leap of faith is found in a technological marvel of the US Air Force, the B-2 "Spirit" Bomber. According to theorist, this aircraft is designed to appear to be flying version of the infamous Masonic Square. Unfortunately, this theory doesn't even hold a candle to the truth, as it was a combination of aerodynamics and radar deflection technology which created the unusual shape of the Spirit.

The B-2 does carry the next New World Order symbol however, the American Star. Shortly after World War I, the American military adopted a white star held within a blue circle (with red and white stripes) to emblazon US military craft. According to the theorist, this design was chosen to invoke the blessing of Satan and protect the craft from enemies of the New World Order. The truth of the development is one much less dramatic, however. In WWI, the US was using a symbol similar to it's Allies against the Central Powers. It was a bull's eye styled symbol, with the colors from inside to out being: white, blue, red. In comparison, the British used red, white, blue; the French used the same pattern, only with thick blue ring, and red center dot. This caused confusion. Therefore, the US Army Air Corps adopted an alteration of the US Navy's pre-WWI symbol of the White star, blue circle, and red center dot. The well known Star in Circle symbol of the US Air Force is the newest generation of this design.

Finally, comes the list of high level American politicians who are Masons. Over the years, there have been 15 presidents, 34 Supreme Court Justices, atleast 17 Senators, and atleast 15 others in various positions ranging from Mayor, to Govenor, to Postmaster General. What the theorist forget is humans gravitate towards groups with an inate elitism. People of power and wealth enjoy being members of societies which do not allow certain people.

It is interesting to note, many of the NWO/Mason conspiracy theorist are strongly anti-Semetic. Often times, you will find hate-related statements towards the Jewish people on the same sites which support this theory of a Secret Society which strives to control of all mankind. Additionally, the theorist fail to explain why a group which is supposted to be a secretive as the Illuminati would broadcast their influence on such public images.

Can you think of any other imagery which would support the claim of the theorist? Do you beleive the theorist are correct? If so, why? If not, explain your objections.

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