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Amelia Earhart

TOPIC: Amelia Earhart


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Amelia Earhart

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Sunday December 18, 2005 2:45 PM
Amelia Earhart was an aviatrix determined to be the first woman to make an around-the-world flight. She made the attempt... and then disappeared on the last stretch of her endevour.

On May 21, 1973, she got onboard her Electra and flew from Los Angeles to Florida. On June 1, 1937 she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, departed and header for San Juan, Puerto Rico. From then, they flew on to Africa and then to Karachi. June 17th, they then flew to Calcutta, then on to Rangoon, Bangkok, Singapore and Bandoeng. Port Darwin, Australia was next then on June 29th, they reached Lae in New Guinea. So far, they have flown 22,000 miles and had 7,000 more to go, straight on over the Pacific.

They left Lae at 00:00 hours GMT on July and this is would be the last time anyone would see Amelia Earhart and her navigator again. The last radio contact with Lae was 08:00 GMT. Parked off of Howland Island was the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Itasca. It was to act as liason for Amelia during this last stretch.

Between Lae and Howland Island the Itasca received short radio transmission of varying signal strength but since they were too brief, they could not track Amelia's position. At 19:30 GMT, Amelia come through full strength reporting:

"KHAQQ calling Itasca. We must be on you but cannot see you...gas is running low..."

At 20:14 GMT the Itasca received a final transmission from Amelia stating her positioning data. That was the last anyone heard from Amelia.

A huge search was authorized by the President to search for survivors but nothing was to be found of Amelia, her navigator or the plane. No life raft was found or seen.

What happened to Amelia? What do you think? Of couse, the pacific is big. If a plane took a dive it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, the flight plan was known, last coordinates were given. It should have helps a search party of 9 naval ships and 66 aircrafts to home in on their possible position. At least a good chance to find something.

Over the years many "theories" have been conjectured about her disappearance. Among these:

* Amelia was on a spy mission authorized by President Roosevelt and was captured

* She purposely dove her plane into the Pacific

* She was captured by the Japanese and forced to broadcast to American GI's as "Tokyo Rose" during World War II

* She lived for years on an island in the South Pacific with a native fisherman

* Even theories from being abducted by Aliens to passing through dimensional rifts (some people can be so imaginative).

Personally? I think they ran out of gas and crashed. Simple. Direct. Straight into the ocean. The impact took both Amelia and her Navigator out and they drowned. The plane sank.

Their radio transmission weren't being receive well because simply of weather. Just because it's a clear day, doesn't mean that you'll always get strong reception. The plane was already low on fuel, she said it herself.

The spy theory don't cut it. Spying require stealth. You don't broadcast it as a world event. Low key cover stories is what you want wouldn't you think?

Captured by the Japanese? Why? Who cares? Dove her plane into the ocean on purpose? Possible. Lived on an island with a native fishman? Maybe for romance novel readers this would fly. Alien abduction? Nope, she didn't live in a trailer in the deep south with a heavy southern accent with an IQ of a shoe size so that doesn't make her a prime target for the aliens to anal probe and she's not a cow so cattle mutalations isn't an option for the good ol' short grey fucks either.

So, then the question goes to you. What do you think happened to Amelia and WHY do you think that? What support the theory you agree with? Please don't post one liners. They will be deleted. If you don't know who Amelia Earhart was, then please do us a favor and don't post.

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RE: Amelia Earhart

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Sunday December 18, 2005 3:22 PM
I believe what I believe because I feel that the most LOGICAL explanation for something is usually the correct explanation, especially when there's no reason to believe otherwise.

In this case, the most logical explanation is that she DID, indeed, run out of fuel and crashed into the ocean. The crash itself, especially for a plane designed in the early 30's, would have been sufficient to kill the occupants on impact. The ocean itself is huge, and worse yet if her recorded position was inexact, there would be little hope of finding something as small (relatively speaking) as a two-person plane. Especially considering most of the wreckage would have sunk, and the bodies probably would have become fish food relatively quickly.

"But there's a whole in that theory," detractors say. "Radio contact was maintained and her handlers knew exactly where she was!"

Did they? I believe that it really doesn't matter, as I mentioned above. But even so -- there's also a strong possibility of equipment malfunction. There's a strong possibility that some of her equipment was off and that Amelia reported a position contrary to the one she was at. This would mean that search parties would have been looking -in the wrong place- would which severely decrease the likelihood of coming across the wreckage before it disappeared forever beneath the ocean.
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RE: Amelia Earhart

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Monday December 19, 2005 12:33 AM
For the most part, I echoed Damien's thoughts while I read this. Even now we cannot fully explore the oceans, and technology has come a long way since then.

To futher back up his conclusions, it the radio bradcasts are accurate, Amelia thought she was near the Itasca at one point, yet noone onboard saw any sign of her plane. This gives added emphisis that perhaps her equiment was not working properly, and therefore the search party was looking in the wrong area all together.

Also, in looking into this, I'd believe the possiblity of her making an emergancy landing on a remote island, but I don't think that it has anything to do with a native fisherman. That doesn't mean she lived, but I think it would have been logical option at the time. She might not have know that her radio reports were spotty, althought I have found some sites that say there were also indeterminate/incomplete distress calls recieved and that one of the seven ships was sent in the general direction of the broadcasts.
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