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The Ultimate Character Template

Written by Ephialtes

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This template can be used to make any kind of character with a few adjustments. Use any or all sections to make an amazing character, and you will know everything you will ever need or want to know about your character while you use them.

Basic Attributes
Given Name:


- Gender
- Age
- Height
- Weight
- Hair Color/style
- Eye Color
- Makeup
- Clothing Style


Physical abilities/limitations:


Socioeconomic class/standing:

Place of Birth:

Place and Time of Story:

Parents' Profiles
- Race/Ethnicity:
- Socioeconomic Level:
- Religion:
- Habits:
- Quality of Relationship with Child(ren):
- Living/Deceased:

Brothers/Sisters/Significant-other Relatives (Profile Each)
- Race/Ethnicity:
- Socioeconomic Level:
- Religion:
- Habits:
- Quality of Relationship:
- Living/Deceased:

Family Structure/Life:

Brief Life Story
It is very important to write a biography for your character. The more detail you create, the deeper you can make your character, and this rich history will be such a rich source of information that it will change and evolve your story accordingly.

Make sure to keep in mind:
  • How did your character get here from there?
  • What was their life like before the story began?
  • What was growing up like for them?
  • Did they have a good or bad childhood?
  • What struggles have that had, or hardships they have overcome?
  • Has their life worked out like they expected?
  • Has their life been difficult or easy until now?
  • Were they forced into their current path, or are they here by choice?
  • Do they have regrets?
  • What special circumstances have made them into who they are today?
  • Did anything happen in their past that they cannot forget or live down, or that has deeply changed them or scarred them in some way?

    (Warning: Do not create cheap Freudian back story as motivation for your characters! i.e. "His mother beat him as a child, and now he hates all women.", "She was once robbed at gunpoint, and now has a irrational fear of guns."

    People are more complex than this. If such a traumatic event happened in their lives, then make the psychological or emotional consequence unexpected rather than exactly what any five-year-old would instantly assume.)

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