The Masons and Washington, DC

Written by Silveran

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Finally, some of the "facts" concerning the Washington Monument are incorrect or of lesser import than the theorist claim. First, there are 36, 491 stones in the monument, not the even 36,000 which makes for easy manipulation into "significant numerological symbols". While the capstone's weight is accurate at 3,300 pounds, this is based on the size and material of the object, not through specific design. More importantly, the capstone is not the top of the Monument. The top of the monument is a small aluminum pyramid weighing 100 ounces. Of interesting note concerning the Memorial Stones in the Monument, one stone in particular was stolen before it could be installed. This stone, called "The Pope's Stone" was donated by the Vatican from the Temple of Concord in Rome. Many of the theorist who support the claim that the Masons are trying to take over the world also claim the Roman Catholic Church is actually controlled by the Temple. It is curious the Catholic Church's contribution was stolen by people involved in the funding and construction of the Monument. Why would the Masons not want a stone from their "pet" church installed? Would that not increase the power of the Monument?

In conclusion, there is a theory the capital city of the United States was designed by the Masons in an attempt to assist demonic influences of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the US Government. However, upon close inspection of the theory, one finds the evidence supporting this theory falls short. While many people dispute this theory rather effectively, this theory will not simply die. The people which believe this theory are on a personal vendetta or crusade to destroy the reputation of a harmless society, and install a theocracy into power in the United States. Reason and logic will not effect the people who place their personal beliefs over the rights of others.

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