The Masons and Washington, DC

Written by Silveran

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The Great Phallus, The Washington Monument
According to our theorist, the Illuminati have erected four great Obelisks during the 19th century. Three of them were moved from Egypt to be placed in New York City's Central Park, along the Thames river in London, and in the middle of Paris's Revolution Square, the site of the mass public guillotining of the "Masonic lead French Revolution" as one site puts it.

The fourth was built to specification for worshiping the Evil one. The Washington Monument is an obelisk set within a circle. According to ancient Egyptian religion, the Obelisk is the symbol of Ra, the primary Sun-god. To our theorists, this worship of the sun-god was actually the worship of the "Angel of Light", Lucifer. According to some sites, this monument holds many important numerological symbols.

The claims:
  • It is built from 36,000 separate blocks of granite. The number 36 is derived from multiplying 3x12 and is an important number.
  • Its capstone weighs exactly 3,300 pounds.
  • The monument contains 188 specially donated Memorial stones, most of them donated by individuals, societies, cities, and nations throughout the world. But, Masonic lodges throughout the world contributed 35 of these Memorial stones. These 35 blocks were intermingled with the other Memorial stones, but the last several of them were placed at the 330 foot level.
  • The total cost of the Washington Monument was reported to be $1,300,000, showing again a most important Masonic number, 13.
  • The Monument has 8 windows, and together they total 39 square feet in size. The number 39 is very sacred because it is formed by multiplying 3x13. And, also remember the importance of the Number 8 in Occultic Numerology, for it carries the meaning of "New Beginnings". Combined with the meaning of Number 13, as "Extreme Rebellion", you get the total message that this "New Beginning" {New World Order} is to be carried out in "Extreme Rebellion".
To understand the significance of all these concepts, one must be skilled in the art of Numerology, at least so the claim goes. For further understanding, the 33 is important in the capstone's weight, and the "330 foot level", due to supposed secret level of Masons above the "acknowledged" 32nd Degree.

Disputing the Conspiracy Theory
First and foremost, this theory is tenuous at best. It requires a great deal of imagination and assumption. To assume the images created to form the symbols were intentionally planned is idiotic at best. First and foremost, none of the symbols are completely formed. Second, they could be created via the selection of any points of the map. Washington, DC is famous for having many "diagonal" streets. These streets existences do not point to Squares, Compasses, Pentagrams, or any other symbol.

Second, the buildings which form the terminus of many of the symbols were not part of the original design. The Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials were started in 1914 and 1938 respectively. Neither Washington nor L'Enfante could have believed the two sites would be chosen for monuments. Thus, the Compass and the Rule images would not have been in the design.

Next, one of the images claimed to be a Satanic symbol is not found in Luciferian imagery. The bunny like stick figure created around the Capitol has never been encountered in this researcher's study of Demonology or Luciferian cults.

Fourth, the numerology used to claim the evilness of Washington is flawed. Thirteen is not a numerological symbol for rebellion, but a symbol of change. The triple six, commonly referred to as the Devil's Number, is actually a numerological symbolism of Man. Nor can this researcher find a defining meaning to twelve or eight. The symbols of the number changes depending on the system of use.

Further, there is no 33 degree of the Masonic Lodge gained through their study and power. According to Masonic sources, both currently Masons, and ex-Masons, the highest level of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order is 32nd Degree gained through a person's diligence. The 33rd Degree is conferred upon members who exemplify the Ideals of the Masonic Brotherhood. There is no special power given to the members of this degree in ritual or rite. It's simply an honor, such as England's Member of the British Empire. People within the Lodges respect such a person, but they have no more authority than a 32nd Degree Mason. Thus, the significance of the 330 foot level and the capstone are worthless.

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