Understanding the American Myth

Written by Silveran

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Hook-hand: The Anti-sex Freak
According to this famous campfire story, a young couple were parked at the local "Lover's Lane" engaging in typical young couple behavior. Unfortunately for the young fellow, their make-out session is interrupted by a scary looking person attempting to gain entry. Most obvious about this person is they have a hook replacement for a hand. After leaving the lane, the young couple learn the man was an escaped convict or patient at the local asylum for the criminally insane. The next morning a hook is found on the door handle of the car.

Alterations of this story include:
  • One or both the young people disappear and the car is found abandoned at the location.
  • The young lady doesn't want to park because of an "uneasy feeling" and the young man in anger stomps on the gas with the next morning the kids learning about the killer, and finding the hook with part of an arm attached to the door.
This story is further developed into various different similar stories. Everything from crazy gang initiations (new member must cut the left breast of a white woman off at a gas station) to crazy killer hitch-hiker.

While it is impossible to verify if either any of these stories are actually based on a real occurrence, it is simple to explain the intent of the story. Each of them is cautionary tales, teaching us to always be vigilant of our surroundings. Additionally, they reflect the societal norms from sexuality to acceptable behavior by civilized people. Fear of strangers is driven into our minds by our parents from a very early age. These stories are attempts to continue that fear in adulthood.

Progesterex, the Sterilizing Date-rape Drug
According to this legend, across the country nefarious men are using a drug called Progesterex dropped into the drinks of innocent young maidens to cause the young ladies to pass out, for the horrid purpose of raping the young lady. Even worse than Rohypnol, this veterinary horse sterilization drug has a horrible side effect, in addition to the passing out and short-term amnesia. It chemically sterilizes the victim, making the young woman never able to have children again.

While the use of date-rape drugs are well documented, this particular legend has one fatal flaw. Progesterex doesn't exist. Nor is there any drug currently on the market which can be used to permanently sterilize a horse, much less a human being, in a small pill form. Even the drugs used to chemically sterilize humans must be either delivered in far greater dose than a single pill can deliver. More importantly, these drugs have to be directly administered to the sexual glands (testes or ovaries) by hypodermic needle.

However, there is a strong lesson to be learned from this legend. It stresses the importance of knowing what one ingests in any situation, especially when in a situation where the substances may be tampered with. Ladies and Gentlemen, don't drink from a glass that has been out of your sight.

The Moon Landing Faked!
According to many people, the Apollo 11 mission and all the following ones which marked the first time a human had set foot on a celestial body away from Earth was nothing more than an elaborate hoax. As per their story, the landing was actually performed in a sound-stage somewhere in Hollywood.

For evidence, the proponents of this theory point to a varied combination of photographic evidence. A couple of example of this are:
  1. No stars in the pictures. In all the photos and videos of the lunar landings, there is no stars in the "night" sky of the Moon. All of the pictures have a solid black field, with perhaps the Earth shown in the sky.
  2. The infamous "C" rock. In one particular picture, there appears to be a plainly marked rock with a capital letter "C" upon it. According to this legend, that marking is a stage-placement marking which was accidentally pointed the wrong way.
  3. Who was the photographer!? Some people point out there a images of the astronauts showing both the men from the lander in a single shot. They say this points to the fact that there had to be another person in the area. And if the missions are real, there can't be anyone else there!
  4. The Flag flaps on part of the Apollo 11 film. In one section of the video footage of the Apollo 11 landing, the Flag is seen to flap. If they were really on the Moon, the flag would be flapping, as there is no air on the Moon and thus no wind.

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