Must See Disney

Written by Tassana Burrfoot

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Every Theme Park you go to is going to have their must-sees. Disney World is no different.

The best way to enjoy the entire Disney experience is to book a hotel room on Disney property. That way, you can go see the various things, come to your room for a break, and then go right back out. Makes life ten times simpler. Plus, if you take too long of a nap, no worries. The park stays open three hours later just for you.

Magic Kingdom
As you walk into Magic Kingdom, you'll walk into Main Street, USA. This is where the bulk of the shops is going to be. Need to get some things for the family back home? Not a problem. Here, you can take care of all of them.

Also, don't forget, there are plenty of characters on Main Street to meet and greet. They'll be more then happy to give you their autograph and a picture.

As you walk down Main Street, you'll come to Cinderella's Castle. Stick around, the Cinderellabration is an awesome show where everyone's favourite princess gets her crown. It's right there on the steps of the castle.

Where to go after you've seen Cinderellabration? Depends on where you want to go first.

If you decide to go left, you'll be heading to Adventureland. What's there? Well, aside from more characters, you have the Swiss Family Tree house, Shruken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats, and our first must-see attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean.

This ride takes you behind the scenes to what a pirate's life is really all about. As the tune gets stuck in your head, you'll get to watch the fun and excitement, and the danger of getting locked in prison. It's an awesome ride with a deep dark secret... But, I won't tell you what that secret is. You'll have to learn on your own.

After you're finished exploring Adventureland, you want to head north, to Frontierland. Here you'll get your first rollercoaster (Thunder Mountain) and the next must-see attraction: Splash Mountain. Poor Briar Rabbit is always being hunted and tormented by Briar Bear and Briar Fox. No worries, though. Briar Rabbit has his ways of getting out of mischief... and getting you into it.

As you move to exit Frontierland, make sure to stop by the Hall of Presidents and the third of our must-sees: The Haunted Mansion. This thriller of a ride takes you into a mansion that has 999 ghosts and ghouls waiting to happily greet you. But, be careful of those hitchhiking ghosts!

As you go back towards Cinderella's castle, you want to take a left to go to Fantasyland. This is where you and your child's imagination can come to life. You'll find Ariel in her Grotto, and get to take a ride on some of the most memorable rides, including It's A Small World, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and the fourth must-see: Mickey's PhilharMagic.

So, you're thinking, well, is this a ride? No, not really. This is actually a 3-D show where Donald decides he would like to "borrow" Mickey's sorcerers hat. It's very funny and worth going to see.

Wanna see some characters but can't seem to find them? No worries. Right next door to Fantasyland is Mickey's Toontown Fair. There you can meet many of Mickey's friends, including Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Aurora, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and.... MICKEY! You'll find Mickey waiting for you in the Judge's Tent.

After you've greeted the characters, you'll want to go to Tomorrowland. Here is where you'll see the next two must-sees. As you approach Tomorrowland, you'll see the Indy Speedway. Buckle up and hang on! They'll even let kid's drive these motorcars!

There's a lot to do in Tomorrowland, including the Astro Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. Space Mountain is a must-see. This rollercoaster is completely in the dark. Literally! Everywhere is nothing but stars as you zip through this crazy ride.

Stitch's Great Escape makes the sixth must-see at Disney. Sure, Stitch is this cute and cuddly little alien from another planet... or is he? Try to catch him as he gets loose and reeks havoc on the innocent people of Earth.

As you go to leave Magic Kingdom, don't forget the parade at 4 o'clock. Also, the nighttime show Wishes, is an awesome firework display hosted by Jiminy Cricket.

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