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Eberron Campaign Setting

Written by Damien

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Chapter Six: Adventuring Equipment
New weapons start out this chapter, such as the Xen'drik boomerang and the Talenta tangat. Some of these seem unnecessary - especially the Talenta tangat, which is just a big scimitar. In any event, none of the weapons seem especially wonky. Next up is armour, which is just two new materials -- Darkleaf and Leafweave.

Special substances come next with items such as Acidic Fire and Noxious Smokesticks. Then we get new tools such as the Glyphbook and the Inquisitive's kit. Following this is a section on Documents, which are important to this setting. Arcane signet rings, identification papers, letters of credit, letters of marque, and traveling papers get descriptions here.

Food, drink, lodging, mounts & related gear, and transport all get covered next, as well as various services and spellcastings.

Special materials end the chapter with Byeshk, Bronzewood, Flametouched Iron, Soarwood, and a bunch of other interesting stuff. Some of these materials are actually very interesting, such as Flametouched Iron, and Soarwood. Densewood also makes a good material for quarterstaves and clubs.

Chapter Seven: Life in the World
A brief section opens this chapter, detailing the world of Eberron and little tidbits everyone should know. Following that is huge section that runs from page 134 to 223. This section details each region of the world in detail, complete with politics, religion, industries, life and society, major settlements, and more. There's just a huge amount of information here, and both players and DM should make sure they read this chapter (or the portions of it relevant to their characters) thoroughly. It's really great to see a campaign setting book offer up this much solid, flavourful information on the world it introduces. The chapter ends with a timeline, detailing all the Ages of the World, and all the major events that took place during each Age.

Chapter Eight: Organizations
There are a number of organizations and houses at work in Eberron, whether malicious, benign, or a mixture of both. The organizations are: The Aurum, The Blood of Vol, The Chamber, The Church of the Silver Flame, Cults of the Dragon Below, The Dreaming Dark, The Gatekeepers, The Library of Korranberg, The Lords of Dust, Morgrave University, The Order of the Clay, The Twelve, Wardens of the Wood, and The Wayfinder Foundation.

As far as houses are concerned, the Royal Families are also detailed, as well as the Dragonmarked Houses: Cannith, Deneith, Ghallanda, Jorasco, Kundarak, Lyrandar, Medani, Orien, Phiarlan, Sivis, Tharashk, Thuranni, and Vadalis.

Each organization is fully detailed and explained. Players should be encouraged to stay out of this chapter, as any intrigue or deception planned by the DM can be ruined by the players knowing too much about the various organizations. In retrospect, this chapter probably should have come at the very end of the book, to reduce the likelihood of players reading it "as they skip to the next chapter."

Chapter Nine: An Eberron Campaign
A DM-oriented chapter, concerns a DM may have for their game are addressed here. How to create a convincing party, different styles of play, elements an Eberron adventure needs to have (such as excitement, danger, and heroism), story and pacing, and even recurring villians - a common theme in dark adventure. Included are two sample villians, detailed at levels 4 and 8 for the first villain, and levels 5 and 9 for the second. The chapter rounds out with a discussion on plot and themes, and how to use the Expert and Adept NPC classes. A new NPC class, the Magewright, is also introduced.

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