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Reflection in Role Playing and the Role Playing Community

Written by Chung Chow

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I found my book and went through that and the red set borrowed from my friend. My mind was reeling a million miles a minute. Ideas and storyline and characters danced in my head.

The next day brought my note book with my adventure in it and took them through what I called Pandora’s Box. The name wasn’t original but it was my first adventure. It was an immediate success and I was then and forever taken my role as a game master. I play once in a while but when it comes to role playing I was the guy who told the stories.

Why Role Playing Changed my Life

I’m sure some of you remember the type of press that role playing games have gotten back then. Video Role playing games were still a wet dream and the big hype was that Dungeons and Dragons was just another form of devil worshipping. If that were true then I must be Satan himself; or at least a general of his.

From that fateful day, role playing was something I did often. It got my friends together and we’ve laugh, cry, cheer and stood proud after saving countless worlds. Our parents were ecstatic because were just a room away most of the time. It was studies, band, sports, play production all the way through my high school days.

Summers vacations were spent in my gaming room which my mom fully supported and paid for us to build instead of out in the streets somewhere. We weren’t just a bunch of nerds. A couple of friends and I were band and theatre geeks, another couple were jocks, a couple where what were known as then “stoners”, a couples of nerds... etc. We had a really diverse gaming group. Like the role playing game founding fathers of old, we spend many nights discussing game mechanics, creating gaming worlds, trying out every roleplaying system in the market and eventually created our own roleplaying system in our own fantasy world.

Role Playing kept me out of trouble, honed my creativity and actually helped me with math!

After high school like all high school groups we’ve split up and went our own way. We still gamed when we could in college, old friends disappeared into the world of life and new friends came in to fill their place.

During college I started into the world of computers and bough a wonderful and expensive things called a 300 baud modem. It was there that I found something called a bulletin board system. For all you younger generations, is was what is now called dial up into a system which was all text based. The yesterdays internet if you will.

I found a home at one which I was soon made staff. I ran countless role playing adventures in the BBS forums. It was a bit archaic compared to the forums now a days. The BBS era grow however. Soon something called Prodigy and Compuserv popped up. It was something more advanced to a BBS system but the concept was the same. It was about community and people.

The main stream internet came along a year or two after. When our BBS offered the connection out to the internet it started into a whole new era for me. I downloaded Netscape and started to learn to create web pages. That set me on my path to my current career.

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