Interview with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Written by Tamara Mouchette

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February is the month of the year dedicated to love. This emotion means so much to the human race, that we created a special day, February 14th, to honor and to spoil the individual who is our “heart’s desire”.

Who better to bring to life this month than the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Aphrodite has the distinction of having two births; her immortal birth and her public birth when she was old enough to handle her aspect. She was born to the proud parents of Zeus (Father of the Gods) and Dione. When she was old enough to be brought into the public light; Aphrodite was introduced to her adoring public with a grand entrance. She road the foam of the sea in a giant clam shell, landing to greet her adoring public. She was an exquisite and purely feminine picture of ultimate beauty. Her unique entrance into the mortals world still lives on today through the words of Homer.

As Aphrodite grew through the years, and gained wisdom from her dealings of the mortal heart, she evolved into the Goddess of all aspects of love. She was known as Aphrodite Urania, and stood for the celestial concept of the ideal love. She was also known as Aphrodite Benetrix when she used her aspect to protect the sanctity of marriages. Lastly, she was known as Aphrodite Porne and stood as the Patroness of courtesans and for the aspect of lust.

Aphrodite resembles her aspect greatly. Where love and beauty enchants another’s soul, Aphrodite was considered a powerful enchantress in her own right. Love can be kind and cruel to both mortals and immortals. Aphrodite was also when she felt she was not receiving the adoration and respect that she deserved. She was greatly feared by men and women, because nothing can whither the soul more efficiently than lost or unrequited love.

Aphrodite agreed to answer a few questions for her adoring public. So without further adeu.....I give you Aphrodite, Goddess of Love!!!!

Q: Out of all of your siblings and immortal relatives, to whom are you closest too?
A: Why Apollo of course! He’s...well..built like a Greek God.

Q: What articles of nature do you think depicts your aspect the best?
A: The mating and courtship dances of cranes. There is nothing sweeter than a male forgetting his dignity while proving himself worthy to his ladylove.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories of you spending time with your father Zeus?
A: I always loved it when Daddy got angry. We got frontrow seats to the most impressive fireworks shows. The bulging thews weren’t bad either.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of creating “Cupid” as your messenger of love?
A: Roly poly, perpetual children really don’t have much in the way of job opportunities. The Cupid union is always getting on me about working conditions. First the blindfold had to go. Then I wasn’t allowed to send him out in stormy love really waits on the weather.

Q: What are all the concepts that you believe your aspect embodies...other than love?
A: Beauty, of course,...self-sacrifice. Oh..passion’s important..not just in love, but in eveything you do. What’s love without loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Q: Do you ever tire of working wonders through mere mortals stubborn hearts and minds to bring two deserving individuals together?
A: In these modern times it can be a bit trying. You mortals have become so logical! But ever since I invented Marriage couciling and dating services things have been looking up.

Q: What is your favorite pasttime?
A: I enjoy entering beauty contests and I absolutely adore winning.

Q: If you could do anything else...other than be a Goddess...what would you do?
A: I would go to Hollywood and be a fashion consultant to the stars.

Well folks...there you have it. Straight from Aphrodite’s mouth! If you have any additional questions for Aphrodite, I am sure she would be glad to answer them for you. Just send them to the editor and we shall include her final answers in next month’s issue. Until then, HAVE A WONDERFUL MONTH!

*A special thanks to Monique Smigiel for role playing Aphrodite for the interview. This article is factual until you come to the that I do not think you all know this, but if you are writing a factual article on Aphrodite, please do not use the interview were created especially for your entertainment. :)

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