A R.A.D.I.C.A.L. View On Fandom

Written by Tanja de Bie

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"We consider derivative work about Tazlure, including but not limited to art, stories, and poetry, both on and offline, a compliment, but require that you:

  • Notify us that you have created derivative material about Tazlure available to others, including a link (
  • Give credit to Tazlure by linking back to us online, and providing information on how to contact us offline.
  • Give us, and the Amethyst Alliance IRPG, permission to (re)publish your material both on and offline on our own sites and publications with proper credits.
  • Do not use any original material from Tazlure as copyrighted by and the Amethyst Alliance IRPG.
  • Do not use your derivative work for any commercial venture"

2. Ensuring that Sanctioned Fan Clubs and Sites are Inclusive
If an original creator decides to endorse a fanclub and make it official, we recommend that this is not done with exclusive rights, and that steps are taken to ensure that fans with alternative ideas from the mainstream get room to express their fandom. The rules of the organizations should include a paragraph on how to prevent the abuse of power over fans.

3. A Code of Honor
It is time for fans to start following a code of honor and look at ourselves in the mirror.

If you have created derivative work, ensure that the content of this work is original in itself; meaning it is not generic for the genre, does not contain original material (such as characters copyrighted to the original creator), is detailed in your specific style, and it took considerable effort and energy for you to create. Only then can you cry foul if you suddenly see your work published under another name, or credited but (re)published without your permission (as sometimes is the case on some fansites).

The code of honor also extends to fellow fans. Do you leave enough room for alternative concepts from other fans? Even if they are not to your taste, other fans have the right to express their fandom in a different way.

We feel that this three step plan will improve the general health of the RPG community and so it will be part of the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. program to make the internet a better place for role players.

If you want to read more on the problems fans face go to:

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or wait for the new R.A.D.I.C.A.L. site that will be part of the Guild.

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