The Fast and the Furious

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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When you live your life a quarter mile at a time you are living it fast. Add to this being member of a gang, and you are also living furiously. "The Fast and the Furious" is definitely an action movie with an adrenaline rush from beginning to end.

This movie has some high octane, action intense scenes, in which the stuntmen do a marvelous job of showing off what can be done with a sports car at high speeds on a highway or a straight quarter mile stretch of road. The stunts in this movie are definitely the high point of the movie, and they are extreme in nature. The main plot of the movie involves a rookie cop going undercover into the gang sub-culture of L.A. His mission is to uncover who among these gangsters are responsible for hijacking trucks on the highway and ripping off millions of dollars in high tech merchandise.

The only thing about this movie that this author finds objectionable is that it promotes or displays the lifestyle of the gang sub-culture as being acceptable and to a point; even desirable. The gangs portrayed in the movie cover the major racial types of the USA. There are four main gangs represented; latin, black, oriental, and white. All of them have fast, expensive, luxurious sports cars, that the average working person can not afford. We are talking cars that cost in excess of $80,000 or more. They all dress in fancy clothes, have expensive gadgets for their cars, and also for their personal use (i.e. laptop computers, nitro speed boosters, high tech sound systems etc.). The message given to the younger part of our society is that if you want to have expensive cars, good times, lots of friends, and cash; you are better off being part of a gang, than working for a living. This to me is not a good thing to show off in a movie, as real as it may appear to be however.

The movie itself has a limited plot, and is predictable at all times. Good guy pretending to be a bad guy in order to catch the bad guys, summarizes the plot of the movie.

There are parts of the movie in which we even get to feel sorrow or sympathy for the bad guy. He had a rough life, and became a criminal by accident and the poor choices he made during his life. He is loyal to the extreme of risking going to jail in order to protect a friend in need. He is devoted to his family beyond limits, he is a fierce protector of his sister, and refuses to leave her behind in the end. The bad guy has a lot of valuable qualities that will make him an outstanding citizen, if it was not for his criminal career.

The friends that complete the gang are a highly intelligent young girl, who can fix any car no matter what. A young man who is a genius when it comes to finding problems with cars, but who suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) syndrome, and a rebel who has more tattoos on his arms, than fingers on his hands. This is the group that the good guy infiltrates.

The movie rotates around driving fast cars in short races, winning and losing bets in which anything goes from money to car titles. In between races the good guy, will have to find time to do a tactical assault on an oriental gang, check out the cars of the latin gang, avoid beign shot by the oriental gang, fall in love with the bad guy's sister, and try to find where he belongs. As I said, the plot is limited, but this is the kind of movie that you do not see for a plot, you see it for the action, the near death escapes and stunts, and the adrenaline rush of seeing cars driving at incredible speeds.

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