Mark Plemmons of Kenzer & Company

Written by Rebecca Donovan-Tifft

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We were even able to get some tidbits of news. . .

"The current series of the Dungeons & Dragons comic, In the Shadow of Dragons, will be an 8-issue mini-series."

"We'd love to do comics set in the other D&D worlds - especially our Kingdoms of Kalamar world. . .At present, though, we'll be focusing on Greyhawk."

"I'll let you in on a little secret here. . . beginning with issue seven, I'll be taking over the writing responsibilities on KILL. Now, readers can expect a huge amount of new material in every issue, as the plots are rewritten and woven together into one long and cohesive storyline."

Kenzer & Company was formed in 1993 to produce and sell great games and gaming related products. As gamers, the founders of the company were unhappy with the quality of products being releases at the time. We knew we could do better. So we took it into our own hands to form a company and set the foundation for what would become a long commitment to the hobby game market and the quest for quality games.

The company's first product, The Kingdoms of Kalamar fantasy campaign setting debuted at ORIGINS 1994. Currently, the company employs 13 people and works with numerous freelance writers and artists.

Kenzer & Company has lots of new projects you should know about. Our Kingdoms of Kalamar line of adventures, sourcebooks and supplements is an officially licensed D&D product that includes the D&D logo on product covers with all elements of design reviewed and approved by Wizards of the Coast.

We will be releasing the long-awaited HackMaster RPG this year. Based on the RPG described in the Knights of the Dinner Table (KODT) magazine, HackMaster will be a fun, over-the-top game. It is also a fully playable RPG based on 1st and second Edition AD&D (under license). Millions of players already know the basics.

Our world of the Fairy Meat miniatures game will continue to expand with the release of Clockwork Stomp, a book about Gnomes and their penchant for killing fairies and Sugar and Vice, an expansion about the fashionable Moon Fairies and their rock-n-roll lifestyle.

We'll be expanding our miniatures line with new figures for the Fairy Meat game, more characters from the KODT universe and eventually HackMaster monsters and characters.

KenzerCo is also accepting submissions. "In particular, we need artists for our Kingdoms of Kalamar supplements and modules. Artists should have a love of fantasy, and be familiar with the art in the D&D 3rd edition core books and modules. As this is an official license, these illustrations must meet both KenzerCo and WotC 3e approval standards. The art will be included in the Image Quest section of the modules. (The Image Quest Adventure Illustrator is designed for use by the GameMaster during play. The GM will display the appropriate graphic to the players as they reach each encounter. The adventure text prompts the GM as to the precise time that each picture should be displayed.) The artist should illustrate the image as if it were seen through the players' eyes. Any interested artists should contact Mark Plemmons or Bob Burke"

"Any writers or artists interested in working on a D&D comic should also contact me, with professional-looking plotlines, scripts, or art. As with the Kalamar books, the story and art must meet both KenzerCo and WotC 3e approval standards. Former comic experience is a definite plus."

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