Mark Plemmons of Kenzer & Company

Written by Rebecca Donovan-Tifft

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He goes on to talk about each of the comic products:

The Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine is a celebration of gaming, and gamers. The comic-sized magazine contains hilarious strips about a group of gamers known as the Knights of the Dinner Table (B.A, Bob, Dave, Sara, and Brian), and their gaming friends (and enemies). It also contains reviews, gaming ideas, fan art, an open opinion reader forum, and much more.

Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons is our first full-color comic, and focuses on a band of heroes trying to save their lands from destruction by three vicious and powerful dragons.

Fans of the current Dungeons and Dragons comic can also look forward to a new mini-series beginning December 2000. This 4-issue monthly series will be our first mini-series from well-known professionals in the comic book field. The series will be written by Sean Smith (JLA: Black Baptism), illustrated by Mike Lilly (Nightwing), inked by Bob Wiacek (a DC/Marvel veteran), and colored by Mickey Clausen (of Acclaim and Image fame).

Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated is based on strips from the main Knights book, but with a twist. The stories are now about the game characters themselves, not the players. You can now read the stories from a whole new perspective.

HackMasters of EverKnight is a wild and crazy parody of a band of unruly adventurers, set in Garweeze World, the same world that the Knights play their games in. Every issue is filled with more humor and pop culture references than you can shake a stick at.

Travelers is another great fantasy humor book about a band of adventurers, but much more serious than HoE, and without all of the modern pop culture parodies.

"Now, as for what I do," he continues, "in a nutshell, I make sure that the comics get published on time. In general, when work comes in, either from an artist or a writer, it comes to me. I note any changes that I think need to be made, then pass the work along to other editors or the art director, to make sure that I didn't miss anything. The work is then sent back to the freelancer with comments and requested changes, if necessary. The changes are made, and the freelancer proceeds to work on a revised version. Once we've approved the revised version, the freelancer can proceed to the final stage."

"There are some exceptions to this, though. One is Tony DiGerolamo's 'Travelers.' Because this is a creator-owned comic, my only real responsibility is to check over it for errors, either in print or art. Fortunately for me, Tony is so professional that I don't really need to do anything. The second exception to the rule is KILL. Because the book is based on strips from KoDT, it's written and edited in-house before going out to the artists. And finally, the third exception is the D&D comic. As well as being approved by us, all of the story and art must also be approved by Wizards of the Coast. So, that's an extra step in that process."

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