An Interview with Richard Knaak

Written by Rebecca Donovan-Tifft

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Q: Can you give us any hints as to what is doing to happen in the Dragonlance setting?
Well, I know that one author is working on the story of the Kingpriest. As for myself, I'm at the beginning of a major trilogy concerning the minotaurs that will have major repercussions on the world at large. Margaret and Tracy have sanctioned this trilogy and those who want to see what the future holds for Krynn will want to follow it, I think.

Q: How about a peek at what you are currently working on/doing in the near future?
See above for Dragonlance. As for other projects, WARCRAFT: DAY OF THE DRAGON is already out from Simon & Schuster / Pocket Books. It is the first of three individual novels based on the world of the popular computer game, WARCRAFT. Out in May is LEGACY OF BLOOD, the first novel for Blizzard's other best-selling game, DIABLO! I'll be returning to DIABLO for a second story later on. Meanwhile, it's one with the minotaur trilogy...

Q: Which is your favorite character?
Tough to say. Many favorites. Huma and Kaz, of course, especially the latter since he was entirely my creation. From my Dragonrealm series, it is a toss-up between Darkhorse, Cabe Bedlam, the Gryphon, and Shade. Another favorite is the malevolent gargoyle Frostwing, from the novel of the same name.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Keep writing. Nothing else strengthens your chances than to keep honing your writing. You also have to submit things, too, because you never know what you might do if no one else sees it. Also learn to take rejection from editors (I'm still trying that last one myself!)

Q: What do you do for fun?
I enjoy traveling, movies (old ones, especially), and reading.

Q: Is there any plans for an RPG game based on your Dragonrealm books?
I've had some offers, nothing concrete. I also get many such suggestions from fans, but I'm only looking to established companies.

Q: Is there any fan sites or an official site for any of your works?
Well, there's my own website - and on Yahoo there's a Dragonrealm fan club (although it's quiet right now). I try to answer my own e-mail.

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