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Stalin: From Patriot to Oppressor

Written by Animus AniKor Saxcian

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The following year in 1924, Stalin was one of the seven Politburo members. Stalin not being a man of theories, unlike his other comrades, was a man of action. In December, he established the 'socialism in One Country. twist on the Marxist orthodoxy. His twist stated that the success of Marxism in Russia was not contingent on a worldwide Revolution, unlike his fellow colleagues believed would happen. Instead, he believed that it was necessary to build a strong Soviet Union, and the fall of capitalism would come eventually. Despite attempting to attack Stalin's view point, Trotsky found himself in a decline. Stalin's fellow members of the .Troika. tried to achieve the expulsion of Trotsky, but was deceived by Stalin when he acted as a moderator for the measure. Stalin left the Troika and join three other members of the Politburo; Bukharin, Rykov, and Tomsky, who had created their own faction known as the .Rightists.. The Rightists believed in the N.E.P. Plan, due to its reasonable economic freedom for peasantry. The .Leftists,.run by Zinoviev and Kamenev, however, wanted to push the country toward state control of economics. This leftists appeared to control the majority in 1924. Stalin began to rise more rapidly gaining prestige and a faction consisting of Mikhail Kalinin, Kliment Vorishilov, and Vyacheslav Molotov. Trotsky had dropped to the weakest position in the Politburo. The Leftists and Rightists clashed in raging conflict at the 1925 Central Committee meeting. Stalin and the Rightists dominated the show despite the constant attack on Stalin 'socialism in One Country. belief. Mikhail Kalinin and Kliment Vorishilov were added to the Politburo, weakening the leftists Zinoviev and Kamenev, thus the decision in join Trotsky, in 1926, to make up the final obstacle for Stalin known as the .United Opposition.. The efforts of the United Opposition were futile, and Stalin eventually overwhelmed them, and causing the expulsion of Kamenev and Zinoviev. Stalin confident in his amount of power urged the Party's official repudiation of their views as .anti-Leninist.. Trotsky refused and was exiled to Central Asia; Kamenev and Zinoviev, requested clemency and the Politburo granted it. Stalin had conquered the climb to power and was victorious. Even Bukharin, his ally in this rise to the top grew nervous of the shadow that Stalin loomed over even him.

Stalin in Power

By 1930, after abolishing Bukharin's power, Stalin had stood alone the top of the Communist pyramid. His first feat that he commenced was to industrialize and modernize the Soviet Union. He begun this with the . Five Year Plan. based on Marxist principles advocating government control of the economy. The basis of his plan was the collectivization, of agriculture, in which the government would redistribute the property by taking control of the estates of .Kulaks.. Kulaks were what the Marxists called the wealthiest of the peasants, although they were essentially a method of Marxist propaganda. With this collectivization, the government began to commit fierce atrocities,such as the persecution and killing of many peasantry. Another side effect of this corrupt plan was famine, and in the end nearly ten million may have lost their lives to this collectivization. This set back did not tremble the Iron fisted rule that Stalin held. The only power he lost in 1932, was in his family when his wife became deeply depressed and committed suicide.

Stalin, was a careful man driven to paranoia. In December 1934, Sergei Kirov was assassinated at Stalins orders. Stalin suspect this member of the Politburo to be a threat to his reign. This was only the beginning of series of assassinations and exiles, in which Stalin preformed to eliminate any opposition. This was called the .Great Terror,. and culminated into the Moscow Show Trials of136 though 1938. These trials consisted of his 1920's rivals being tried for treason, and confessing to their crimes, after being covertly tortured and imprisoned. This was used to frighten his people into following under him.

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